Precision Farming: Wireless Sensors To Improve Crops And Agricultural Management (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2017)

Ms Ana Sancho, KAM for Agriculture, Water and Environment


Europe 2017 Presentation - Libelium*
Europe 2017 Audio Presentation - Libelium*

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Presentation Summary

The Internet of Things has great possibilities for agriculture sector helping farmers to improve product quality, reducing costs and losses and also making decisions based on facts. The ability to receive real-time alerts through a mobile application or SMS allows farmers to detect irrigation, fertilizer, and pest prevention needs intelligently.
Libelium has developed worldwide projects based on wireless sensor networks for kiwi plantations, banana crops or a flower nursery in Italy, Australia or Colombia. Monitoring weather and environmental conditions in agricultural fields allows recording data to be analyzed and planning strategies to improve crops yields.

Speaker Biography (Ana Sancho)

Ana Sancho is Libelium's Key Account Manager for Agriculture, Water and Environment focusing on providing solutions and solving problems for related worldwide projects in these important areas of IoT applications.
Her field experience includes roles as engineer and project manager at the Center for Research and Agricultural Protection (CITA), and at SIRASA where she managed agricultural programs to monitor disease prevention, ensuring that territories in Aragon comply with European Union agricultural laws for a number of important crops.
As dual citizen of Spain and the U.S., Ana received a Bachelors degree in Agriculture Engineering from the University of Zaragoza, and completed a postgraduate degree in Logistics and Food Safety.

Company Profile (Libelium)

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Libelium designs and manufactures hardware for wireless sensor networks and a complete software development kit (SDK) so that system integrators, engineering, and consultancy companies can deliver reliable Internet of Things (IoT), M2M, and Smart Cities solutions with minimum time to market. Waspmote—Libelium's wireless sensor platform—is modular and ready to integrate with key Cloud systems and low-energy IoT connectivity protocols.
Over 10,000 developers from 120 countries in companies ranging from startups to universities to large international corporations have adopted Libelium's technology for projects in five continents. Commercial deployments based on Waspmote include applications as varied as parking, traffic congestion, environmental monitoring, water quality and precision agriculture.
Gartner named Libelium a Cool Vendor in embedded software and systems in 2014.
Recently, Libelium has been considered a "unicorn" company in technological sector in Spain by Financial Times.
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