All Inkjet-Printed Touch Screen (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Mr Robert Even, VP Products
Apr 02, 2014.


Berlin 2014 Presentation - ClearJet*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - ClearJet*

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Presentation Summary

• ClearJet's offers a novel solution- patterned transparent conductive coatings, based on silver nanoparticle rings and deposited by inkjet
• This is the key building block in all-inkjet-printed touch screen.
• By inkjet printing bezel, insulator, jumper, contacts and transparent conductive layers, ClearJet will revolutionize production for any touch panel configuration.
• All inkjet printed device is applicable in other fields such as Smart Windows.

Speaker Biography (Robert Even)

Robert, VP Products of ClearJet, has over 15 years of experience with some of Israel's leading hi-tech capital equipment companies. He led inkjet product definition and market penetration at Stratasys (ex-Objet) in 3-D printing and at Xjet, a solar startup. Prior to that, Robert was Product Manager at Orbotech for automated inspection equipment for PCBs. Robert has a B.Eng from McGill University in Canada and an MBA from INSEAD in France.

Company Profile (ClearJet Ltd)

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ClearJet brings the digital print revolution to touch screens by developing an inkjet-based transparent conductive layer. The Touch Screen industry has been searching for a replacement to ITO over the last few years due to limitations in flexibility, screen size, as well as patterning cost and complexity. Based on the "coffee-stain" effect and using inkjet for printing ring patterns made of silver nanoparticles, ClearJet introduces a novel approach to address these issues. ClearJet's solution includes deposition and patterning in one step, via proven industrial inkjet technology.
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