DASH7 Transforms Things into a Distributed Database (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2015)

Mr Michael Andre, President of the DASH7 Alliance
DASH7 Alliance
Apr 29, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - DASH7 Alliance*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - DASH7 Alliance*

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Presentation Summary

The DASH7 Alliance Protocol originates from the ISO/IEC 18000-7 standard, but is enhanced to become a bidirectional, ultra-low power, long range, wireless sensor communication standard in all subGHz ISM bands. In contrast to many other wireless communication protocols, the DASH7 Alliance Protocol defines the full OSI stack and puts the filesystem content as the center element of communication. With the latest release of the protocol, queries and automatic notifications based on file content enable the developer to focus on sensor and actuator data processing, while the DASH7 stack handles the communication based on the values of these data.

Speaker Biography (Michael Andre)

Michael Andre is Chairman of the Board of the DASH7 Alliance since May 2013. His duty has been renewed by a Member vote in May 2014.
Michael Andre is CEO and co-founder of WizziLab, a leader in the DASH7 technology, offering a full DASH7 communication platform and connected objects system expertise. Before founding WizziLab, Michael Andre was Director of Engineering and General Manager of Coolsand Technologies France, which created the most integrated 2G baseband in its category. The technology was acquired by RDA microelectronics for 46M$ in 2012. Prior to that Michael has served in a variety of engineering and management positions at Cirrus Logic and LuxSonor in the Silicon Valley. Michael holds a M.S.E.E. in telecommunication systems from Telecom ParisTech and a M.S. in Computer Science from Ecole Polytechnique Paris, the leading engineering school in France.

Company Profile (DASH7 Alliance)

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The DASH7 Alliance is a non-profit mutual benefit corporation formed to foster the existence and the further development of the DASH7 protocol specification (based on ISO 18000-7) and to promote its usage.
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