Dual-Energy Storage Design And Controls For Next Generation Electric Vehicles (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2018)

Mr Fabrizio Martini, Co-Founder & CEO
Electra Vehicles, Inc.
United States

Presentation Summary

Electra Vehicles is a high-tech Boston based startup that is planning to bring the electric vehicle market to the next level with innovative high-efficiency and cost effective power solutions. The primary limiting factor of an electric vehicle's performance is the power and energy capabilities of its energy storage by directly affecting its range, cost, power, and lifetime. Despite a continuous performance improvement in Li-ion battery technology, there is no holy grail of batteries on the market yet that is able to fit the cost and performance requirements for affordable EVs. Electra has developed a hybrid energy storage platform, where different energy storage technologies with complementary characteristics can be blended in a high performance low cost system. The hybridization of the energy storage system is enabled by a proprietary modular power electronics design, and a proprietary software for the management of different energy storage. Hybrid energy storage units are lighter, smaller, more efficient, longer lasting, and safer than conventional single chemistry battery packs. Electra has recently launched its latest software package, EnPowerTM, an advanced design and simulation software, powered by our EVE.AiTM control algorithms. It will be used to demonstrate how combining complementary energy storage will advance the performance of electric vehicles by providing a longer range, higher power, and more safety.

Speaker Biography (Fabrizio Martini)

Mr. Martini is an expert in energy storage technologies and has 6 years of experience in business and development in the ultracapacitor field. He was the Project Manager of several government funded SBIRs for the DOE, DoD, and NASA managing over $8.5M. He has contributed to the accomplishment of six world records related to ultracapacitor technology, and was in charge of the commercialization of the first-of-its kind high temperature ultracapacitor for oil and gas and geothermal applications. Mr. Martini was the point of contact for several companies in the aerospace and defense field for the integration of ultracapacitor systems in their applications and he served as Principal Investigator of NASA SBIR program. He is author of 14 patents related to energy storage technologies.

Company Profile (Electra Vehicles, Inc.)

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Electra Vehicles, Inc. is a pioneer of artificial intelligence-based dual-battery energy storage system design and control, helping to catalyze the adoption of sustainable transportation, and bridging the gap between automakers and battery manufacturers. Electra recently launched its latest software package, EnPowerTM , which is an innovative system design and simulation software. Electra Vehicles is an AccelerateMass awardee and an Alumni-in-Residence at MassChallenge Boston.
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