Electricity Strikes Back - The Forces Awakens (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. Europe 2016)

Mr Hans Thornell, CEO
Green City Ferries


Europe 2016 Presentation - Green City Ferries*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Green City Ferries*

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Presentation Summary

1. Historic perspective. 100 years ago boats were electric driven and charging stations were placed along the Thames ant the Spree. Then came the diesel motor
2. The diesel solved yesterday's problem but created today's problems. 400 000 citizens in Europe die each year because of pollution. 9500 in London, Boris
3. Driving force - Technology: Development of solar cells, motors and high performance batteries that makes it possible. Examples
4. Driving force - Economy: In some countries electric drivelines have less operational costs. Diesel/Electric comparison model
5. Driving force - Politics: Climate (CO2) and pollution (NOx). New rules makes diesel drivelines obsolete. In Oslo from 2020!

Speaker Biography (Hans Thornell)

Hans Thornell is a Naval Architect from KTH in Stockholm, Sweden. However, most of his over 40 years business career he has worked as an international Management consultant. He is now back in shipping as the founder of Green City Ferries, which started its operations by buying the old ship Movitz and rebuilt it into the world's first supercharged electric ferry operating as a 100 pax commuter ferry in Stockholm. He is also Chairman of Echandia Marine, the system integrator behind the technology.

Company Profile (Green City Ferries)

Green City Ferries logo
Green cities have green ferries. Green ferries have no emission. Green City Ferries operates E/S Movitz, the world's first supercharged electric passenger ferry, in Stockholm. The complete electric installation is made by the System integrator Echandia Marine. Together the companies can offer complete electric solutions for ferries.
2022 update
Green City Ferries (GCF) started as a part of Echandia AB in 2014, a Stockholm-based company specializing in heavy-duty maritime batteries and fuel cells. The formal launch of Green City Ferries, an independent company, occurred in 2019. The company is a supplier of battery electric and fuel cell vessels along with charging facilities and financing. Its most recent project is Beluga24, a 25-meter electric high-speed catamaran.
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