Empatica - Developing Digital Endpoints through Continuous Wearable Sensors (Wearable USA 2019)

Dr Chelsea Trengrove, Business Development Manager
United States


USA 2019 _ Empatica _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Empatica _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

In the era of data and rapidly developing healthcare models, remotely collecting objective and continuous physiological data is king. Empatica has developed a beautiful sensor suit in a small form-factor for this purpose. Our FDA-cleared smartwatch has improved the lives of thousands of individuals with eplipesy. Come learn about the other digital endpoints we're developing. And stay because we've been iterating on this technology for years, and today, we have an exciting announcement for you.

Speaker Biography (Chelsea Trengrove)

Dr. Chelsea Trengrove has 4+ years of experience in international program management, business development, consulting, speaking, and regulatory guidance in the pharmaceutical and medical device industries. A Ph.D. with strong foundations in neuroscience and pharmacology research, she joined Empatica's team as a program manager just prior to their FDA clearance in 2018 for their seizure monitoring and alerting wearable device. At Empatica, Chelsea guides biotechnology companies through the framework, science, and applications of Empatica's wearable technologies, as well as the coordination of research initiatives, and clinical trials using Empatica's Embrace and E4 devices from ideation to execution. She is also an avid practitioner of aikido, a martial art.

Company Profile (Empatica)

Empatica is making waves in healthcare through wearable smartbands that utilize machine learning to unlock the physiology of your health. An MIT Media Lab spin-off, Empatica uses an intricate combination of biosensors to continuously monitor unique components of sleep, activity, and stress.
Empatica partners with a wide range of pharma companies and research institutions. Their platform for research, paired with their algorithm-development capabilities are bolstering the future of digital endpoints. These projects can be seen everywhere from influenza-forecasting with HHS, sensor development with NASA, to detection of suicidal-ideation with Harvard University.
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