Energy Harvested Wireless Sensor Networks Using Bluetooth Low Energy Beacons (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2013)

Mr Mark Jakusovszky, Sales & Marketing, North America
EM Microelectronic US, Inc.
United States
Nov 21, 2013.


EM Microelectronic (Mr Mark Jakusovszky) - Presentation*
EM Microelectronic (Mr Mark Jakusovszky) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

  • BLE Overview
o Why BLE for WSN?
o BLE Advertise Mode Advantages
  • Solar-Powered BLE Weather Station Example
o Demonstration
  • Other Applications
o Scanning/Advertising for Social Networks

Speaker Biography (Mark Jakusovszky)

Mark Jakusovszky has invested over a quarter century defining, developing and marketing advanced mixed-signal and low power wireless semiconductor solutions for companies like EM, Atmel, National Semi, MicroLinear and Aeroflex. In his current role at EM Micro, he is enabling and evangelizing ultra-low power and energy harvested wireless sensor solutions through EM's Bluetooth Low Energy, 2.4GHz digital wireless, NFC and RFID products. Mark holds an MSEE from Santa Clara University and a BSEE from Rensselaer.

Company Profile (EM Microelectronic)

EM Microelectronic logo
EM Microelectronics, a member of the Swatch Electronics Group, is a leader in ultra-low power, low voltage electronics for the past 40 years. EM will be featuring the following products:
  • SENTRAL ultra-low power 9+ axis motion coprocessor (EM7180),
  • 1V BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY RF transceivers (EM9301),
  • NFC Type 4 Solutions (NF4),
  • Long Range 2.4GHz radio transceivers (EM920x),
  • Long Range RFID (EM4325) w/calibrated temp sensor,
  • Utra-low power microcontrollers (EM6819),
  • Flexible Displays (LCD, OLED, VA, etc),
  • ULP Touch interfaces,
EM is YOUR source for creating a new world of untethered, energy-harvested or battery-powered, wireless sensor networks!
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