EPIC's Battery-Free SensingDecals and SmartLogos: IoT for the impossible! (Internet of Things & WSN Europe 2014)

Mr Wolfgang Richter,
Apr 02, 2014.


Berlin 2014 Presentation - EPIC Semiconductors*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - EPIC Semiconductors*

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Presentation Summary

• Wireless transfer of energy in the form of electrical (no-magnetic!) fields around the human skin.
• Polymer-based conversion of energy into usable DC power and system clock, especially suitable for battery-free supply of sensors, LEDs and displays!
• a simple, self-charging, networking processor element (nCP) from only 50 components (gates, flip-flops. etc.), can be applied to R2R polymer film.
• RF-free bi-directional wireless communication with IoT host MCU (e.g.ARM, MIPS, PIC, etc.)

Speaker Biography (Wolfgang Richter)

Wolfgang is both an entrepreneur and an inventor and is devoted to pioneering communications technologies and services. Wolfgang has more than 30 years of technology development experience and a track record of economically outstanding innovations.
Wolfgang-Henry has authored more than 150 patents and has won awards at Expo 2000, Austria microsystem 2005 and Echelon 2007. He was the German Economy Award winner for Best Innovation and his innovations also led to an Ernst & Young entrepreneurship award in 2007. His last venture has been acquired by Microchip.

Company Profile (EPIC-Semiconductors)

EPIC-Semiconductors logo
By designing ultra-low power devices and built-in energy harvesting systems, EPIC Semiconductors has entered these fast- growing and profitable markets with a truly revolutionary concept.
Introducing the nanoCloudProcessor (or nCP). This device is the size of a speck of dust, yet is able to power itself and to sense and communicate with any device.
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