Expand your PE Possibilities with OrgaconTM Printable Conductors (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Mr Peter Willaert, Product Manager PE
Apr 02, 2014.


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Agfa-Materials*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Agfa-Materials*

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Presentation Summary

• Challenges for Printed Electronics products today and tomorrow
• Continuous improvement of Printable Transparent Electrodes based on PEDOT/PSS
• How do Nanosilver Inks address the challenges of Printed Electronics, illustrated with some case studies
• How to optimise ink usage vs. circuit performance, irrespective of processing unknowns

Speaker Biography (Peter Willaert)

Peter Willaert is Product Manager Printed Electronics in the Advanced Chemicals and Coatings Business Unit of Agfa-Gevaert N.V., Belgium. He started his professional career at Royal Philips Electronics, after which he held various positions at Agfa-Gevaert N.V. in Electronics Engineering of advanced electronic imaging systems, and Business Development for transparent conductive polymers and high-performance smart card films.

Company Profile (Agfa-Gevaert NV)

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Founded in 1867, Agfa is a leader in the graphics arts industry, in healthcare radiology and IT solutions as well as a number of niche markets, such as green hydrogen, synthetic paper and printed electronics. With its ORGACON product portfolio, Agfa stays at the cutting edge of material development for printed electronics and digitally fabricated PCBs. It includes coatings as well as screen print and inkjet inks for applications ranging from transparent electrodes to conductive circuitry for automotive, home appliances and consumer electronics.
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