Flexible, Hyper-Elastic Strain Sensors And Their Applications (IDTechEx Sensors USA 2016)

Mr David Shannon, Business Team Manager
Parker Hannifin
United States


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Presentation Summary

The increase in opportunities for conformable industrial and wearable sensors is driving advancements in unique sensing materials and technologies. A more flexible, hyper-elastic technology with printed electronics is a new advancement showing great promise in the marketplace.
The Hyper-Elastic Displacement sensor is a thin, lightweight, stretchable, rubber band-like device that offers a unique ability to take accurate and precisely measured strains of over 100% for millions of cycles.
Mr. Shannon will review the materials and technology as well as the ideal industrial and wearable applications in areas such as bending, high precision displacement, sports, fitness, gaming, rehab, and medical.

Speaker Biography (David Shannon)

Mr. Shannon leads Parker's Smart Materials team, which develops and produces solutions rooted in the Internet of Things (IoT) at Parker's office in Sunnyvale, CA. The team is currently exploring new ways to use EAP technology to design and develop high-strain sensors. With more than 25 years of experience, his diverse and accomplished executive career has seen the successful completion of assignments in corporate strategy, product development, business development, international market development, and supply chain solutions for companies like Savi Technology, a Lockheed Martin company, and IBM.

Company Profile (Parker Hannifin)

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Parker Hannifin is a global leader in providing unprecedented performance and value for motion and control technologies with its family of sensing systems. Parker continues to advance its line of sensor technologies for use in a variety of applications to monitor and alert users to system and equipment issues.
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