From Graphene To Graphene-Enabled Batteries For EV Application: A 17-Year Journey (Graphene USA 2019)

Prof Bor Jang, PhD, Co-Founder and CEO
Global Graphene Group
United States


USA 2019 _ Global Graphene Group _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Global Graphene Group _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Global Graphene Group _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

After discovering/inventing graphene materials in 2002, Dr. Jang's team has been working on the mass production and commercialization of graphene and development of major graphene applications. As a graphene inventor and entrepreneur, Dr. Jang will offer some personal perspectives on the rapidly emerging graphene industry, emphasizing the opportunities and challenges in commercializing graphene materials and products. The technical and commercial challenges experienced by graphene producers will be high-lighted. For instance, a significant challenge is the notion that graphene is a unique material that requires different processes to bring out the most desirable characteristics for a particular application. In other words, different processes are required to produce different types of graphene materials for different applications in different market sectors. There are also technical, economical, and regulatory issues that must be addressed in order for the large-scale production of affordable graphene materials to be fully realized.
This will be followed by a discussion on some of the potential and realized applications of graphene materials, including graphene-enabled batteries for EV applications. Dr. Jang's research team was the first to invent graphene-containing anode and cathode materials for lithium-ion cells. The team has also developed graphene-based lithium metal anode protection technology, which is essential to the emergence of all lithium metal secondary batteries such as Li-S, Li-Se, Li-air, and other rechargeable batteries featuring a lithium metal anode. Also developed is the graphene-protected sulfur cathode for overcoming the challenges that have thus far impeded full-scale commercialization of Li-S cells, including shuttling effect, low sulfur conductivity, low sulfur content and low sulfur utilization efficiency.

Speaker Biography (Bor Jang, PhD)

Bor Jang received his MS and PhD degrees in Materials Science from MIT. Dr. Jang is co-founder and CEO of Global Graphene Group (G3), the holding company of five subsidiaries: Nanotek Instruments, Inc., Angstron Materials Group, Taiwan Graphene Co., Honeycomb Battery Co., and Angstron Energy Co. Dr. Jang is a co-inventor of 450+ patents (issued or pending) among which 160 patents are related to graphene and 200 related to supercapacitors, batteries, and fuel cells. G3 is a global leader in the development and mass production of graphene materials. Dr. Jang is a pioneer in the field of graphene science and technology. In the last 14 years, graphene has become one of the most exciting topics in the field of nanotechnology. Dr. Jang is widely recognized as the first to successfully isolate single-layer and multi-layer pristine graphene sheets (patent application submitted in October 2002 and issued in 2006). Dr. Jang's research team has also contributed to the field of graphene and graphene-based energy storage technologies in the following aspects: (1) Began to work on the development of cost-effective processes for mass-producing graphene as early as 2003 and co-founded Angstron Materials, Inc. in 2007 to begin the work on mass production of graphene; (2) Have the world's first patents on graphene applications in hydrogen storage (2004), fuel cells (2005), supercapacitors (2006), and batteries (2007); (3) Have the world's first patents on graphene-containing polymer, metal, carbon, glass, and ceramic matrix composites (2002, 2005, 2006); (4) Co-invented the most widely used graphene production processes, such as chemical methods (2002, 2004), liquid phase exfoliation (2007), electrochemical method (2007), and supercritical fluid method (2006); (5) Dr. Jang's group published the first review article on the topics of graphene processing and composites (2008).

Company Profile (Global Graphene Group)

Global Graphene Group (G3), headquartered in Dayton, is a leading manufacturer of graphene and graphene oxide products helping companies engineer advanced solutions for a wide range of applications.
G3 aims to change the world through scientific innovations, shaping the way you work. They are committed to understanding your business, needs, and consumers to produce solutions that will work for you. With expertise in graphene manufacturing and understanding the material's nuances, G3 works to implement graphene applications for many industries and to deliver revolutionary products and services. G3 continues to ask questions, seek answers, and imagine new possibilities.
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