Graphene-Enabled Functional Materials (Graphene & 2D Materials Europe 2019)

Dr Martin Kemp, Nanomaterials Specialist
United Kingdom


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Graphene and 2D materials offer the possibility of a unique set of performance enhancements when added to polymers and inks. This paper describes examples of performance enhancements in mechanical, electrical and thermal properties achieved in polymers and inks, with real-world case studies.

Speaker Biography (Martin Kemp)

Martin Kemp is a materials scientist who specialises in the commercialisation of graphene and nanomaterials. In 2018 he authored the BSI PAS 1201 standard for Graphene, and is Chairman of the IOM3 Nanomaterials Committee. His previous government roles include Principal Scientist at QinetiQ, International Technology Promoter for DTi, NanoKTN Theme Manager for BIS. More recently, he was Business Development Director of Haydale Ltd and Director of Xcience Ltd.

Company Profile (Versarien)

Versarien specialises in the manufacture of advanced 2D materials such as graphene, through subsidiaries 2D-Tech and Cambridge Graphene.
Versarien is a Tier 1 member of the Graphene Engineering and Innovation Centre, (GEIC) at the University of Manchester and collaborates with the Cambridge Graphene Centre at the University of Cambridge. Versarien has announced over 20 industry collaborations and international projects within a variety of sectors. These partnerships focus on the implementation of graphene enhanced products into the marketplace.
Versarien welcomes enquiries from organisations seeking to develop applications for graphene and 2D materials as additives, coatings and inks.
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