Harnessing Consumer Bio-Signals For Healthcare (Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019)

Mr Antti Backman, CEO & Founder
Delektre Ltd


Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019 (pdf) Presentation - IDTechEx*
Healthcare Sensor Innovations 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

Personal well being and bio-signal tracking have been gaining popularity worldwide. New wearable devices such as fitness trackers, multisport watches and smart rings have enabled enormous possibilities for personal measurement. These wearable devices produce a vast amount of data that is used scattered by different companies and institutions.
Most wearable devices operate in a closed ecosystem that is not accessible for external developers, researchers or entities. This is mostly due to competition and protecting intellectual property. The smart ring Senno from Delektre Ltd has a different approach. The Senno has been designed to ensure that most benefits can be gained with an open platform for both the user and the healthcare sector.

Speaker Biography (Antti Backman)

Antti Backman has M.A. Industrial Design, and has working M.Sc in Electrical Engineering. He has 26 years of entrepreneurship experience and is second generation entrepreneur. He has worked in Family business and as CEO, CTO, VP Product Creation, Chairman and Member of Board. He has wide experience on product and service design, producing and marketing; Food, electronics, metal and military industries; Energy production and -storage research and is also experienced in sensors, optometry and robotics. Mr. Backman is business net-worker and visionary who solves problems with common methods but also with new and radical ideas.

Company Profile (Delektre Ltd)

DELEKTRE LTD offers consultancy, research and development services for business and institutional customers. We have broad experience on software, hardware and marketing of enhanced and completely new products. We build bridges between research ideas and commercial world and we LOVE STEAMPUNK. We cooperate with leading European research institutions and we are networked around the world from SMEs to conglomerates. Our own products include devices, such as a smart ring with exceptional measurement capabilities. We are experienced professionals who are always glad to try new challenges
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