Harvesting Energy within the Built Environment (Energy Harvesting & Storage USA 2009)

Mr Oliver Schneider, Creative Director
The Facility
United Kingdom
Nov 03, 2009.

Presentation Summary

  • Turning negatives into useful positives
  • Harvesting footfall
  • Harvesting environmental vibrations
  • Additional benefits and markets

Speaker Biography (Oliver Schneider)

Oliver Schneider has a wealth of experience in process, production and technical management. He spent several years managing operations in The US, Caribbean, Latin America and China, which provided innovative solutions to the communications industry.
Oliver studied photography and imaging at the University of Westminster and a Masters in Business Administration at Ross School of Business in Michigan.

Company Profile (The Facility)

The Facility logo
Facility:Innovate is a sister company of The Facility Architects, born from our innovative R&D projects. The devices we develop convert the mechanical movement associated with footsteps or transport vibration into useful electricity. Our energy harvesting initiatives have arisen from years of experience in environmental architecture. This includes constructing an entire building from recycled materials and creating a school building that doesn't require heating.
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