How AI Facilitates Predictive Analytics In The Industrial IoT (Internet of Things Applications USA 2019)

Bart Schouw, Chief Evangelist
Software AG


USA 2019 _ Software AG _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Software AG _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Software AG _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

The global economy today is impacted by an unprecedented level of disruption at a speed previously unheard of. New digital business models are rapidly emerging and new market entrants, often from a different market or industry sector, are changing the competitive landscape faster than ever before. In many cases, Artificial Intelligence (AI), a powerful force with exceptional potential for innovation, is at the core of this digital disruption. AI has already found its way into key use cases across various industries. While data scientists analyze data, design algorithms and train models offline with various open source tools, organizations increasingly want to deploy the resulting AI models and apply them to drive smarter decisions in real-time. One representative industry vertical in which we frequently encounter advanced AI use cases is Industry 4.0. IoT sensors create a wealth of data while monitoring the smooth operation of subsystems which, in combination with AI and Machine Learning technology, allows users to switch from a break-fix model to a predictive one. Applying predictive models to the incoming data stream from sensors and devices forms a fundamental pattern for many industrial IoT use cases, e.g. detecting issues, analyzing images or predictive maintenance. In his presentation, Bart Schouw, Chief Evangelist at Software AG, will discuss how Big Data and Artificial Intelligence can be leveraged to make Industrial IoT projects safer, more robust and cost-effective. He will do so by introducing real-life use cases of Software AG customers.

Speaker Biography (Bart Schouw)

Bart Schouw is the Chief Evangelist in the Office of the CTO within Software AG, where he is responsible for amplification of Software AG's core messages around vision, mission and product portfolio. Bart started his career in IT after graduating in Business Administration and has 25+ years of experience in the field, particular in real-time analytics Bart is the driving force behind many innovative and strategic projects, including rolling out the initial IoT & Analytics strategy for the company back in 2015, which ended up in the acquisition of Cumulocity IOT. Bart is currently heading up the initiation of Software AG's first Experience Center at Software AG's HQ in Darmstadt. Bart's is a regular contributor to popular blogs and websites like Big Data Quarterly, his most recent posts dive into the aspects that influence successful IoT implementations.

Company Profile (Software AG)

Software AG helps companies with their digital transformation. With Software AG's Digital Business Platform, companies can better interact with their customers and bring them on new 'digital' journeys, promote unique value propositions, and create new business opportunities. In the Internet of Things (IoT) market, Software AG enables enterprises to integrate, connect and manage IoT components as well as analyze data and predict future events based on Artificial Intelligence (AI). The Digital Business Platform is built on decades of uncompromising software development, IT experience and technological leadership. Software AG has more than 4,500 employees, is active in 70 countries and had revenues of €879 million in 2017.
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