Human Energy, The Next Currency (Off Grid Energy Independence. Europe 2018)

Mr Laurence Kemball-Cook, Founder & CEO
Pavegen Systems ltd
United Kingdom

Presentation Summary

How will we measure how smart a city is? As cities decarbonize through transport electrification, battery storage and cheap renewable energy we're going make our city spaces cleaner and healthier. Successful cities will use technology and nature to place people at the center of planning, enhancing health and well-being for happier, smarter populations. We can measure the quality of that space by how much healthy human activity it enables. Laurence will explain how.

Speaker Biography (Laurence Kemball-Cook)

Laurence Kemball-Cook is the Founder and CEO of Pavegen, who created the company in 2009 shortly after graduating with first-class honors in Industrial Design and Technology from Loughborough University. The idea for the product was initiated from his bedroom after his industrial placement year, escalating to the present day where Pavegen now has over 100 installations on every continent and employs 40 staff across the world.
Laurence is a frequent attendee at conferences and speaks regularly about technology and entrepreneurship. He has completed 5 TED talks, attended trade missions in China and Italy with British Prime Minister, spoke at SXSW on behalf of British and US governments and attended DMZ 2.0 with Steven Wozniak in South Korea.
Laurence has partnered with high-profile individuals such as Akon, Pelé and Will.I.Am to promote his clean-technology vision for the future and has experienced extensive press coverage including Forbes, Wired, BBC, CNN, The Times, Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal.
Pavegen is growing and gaining global presence with Laurence at the forefront of the clean-technology revolution, illustrated through the vision of Pavegen.

Company Profile (Pavegen Systems ltd)

Pavegen Systems ltd logo
Pavegen is a pioneering clean-technology company that utilises footsteps for off-grid energy creation, founded in 2009 by CEO Laurence Kemball-Cook. This means that through the simple action of a footstep, Pavegen can contribute towards sustainable energy in the urban environment, where people are a continuous resource.
Through the use of a wireless API, the tiles can collect, monitor and communicate real-time data; displaying a daily footfall count in certain areas or connecting to social media. Bridging the gap between the digital and the physical worlds allows Pavegen to integrate perfectly within the smart city infrastructure.
Over the years we have partnered with key brands such as Shell, Schneider Electric, Diageo, Uniqlo, Nike, Siemens, Westfield, Adidas and at West Ham tube station during the Olympics - to name a few. The success of Pavegen has allowed for over 100 installations in 30 countries.
Our vision is to provide the energy for future smart-cities, connecting and empowering people and communities across the globe, utilising footsteps to contribute to a greater environmental goal.
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