Insights By Characterization Of Large Area Graphene Along The Process Chain (Graphene USA 2016)

Mr Stephan Adam, Sales Manager
Suragus GmbH

Presentation Summary

The current advances in the research and manufacturing of large area graphene layers are promising towards the introduction of this exciting material in display industry and other electrical and optical applications. New production technologies in the fabrication of flexible displays, touch screens or printed electronics apply graphene layers on non-metal substrates and bring new challenges to the required metrology. Traditional measurement concepts of layer thickness, sheet resistance, optical transparency and layer uniformity are difficult to apply to graphene and are often harmful to the product layer. New non-contact sensor concepts are required to adapt to the challenges and even the foreseeable inline production of large area graphene.
Dedicated non-contact measurement sensors are a pioneering method to leverage these issues in a large variety of applications, while significantly lowering the costs of development and process setup. Transferred and printed graphene layers can be characterized with high accuracy in a huge measurement range using a very high resolution. Large area graphene mappings are applied for process optimization and for efficient quality control for transfer, doping, annealing and stacking processes. Examples of doped, defected and excellent Graphene are presented as quality images and implications for manufacturers are explained.

Speaker Biography (Stephan Adam)

Stephan has finished his studies of industrial engineering in beginning of 2012. Afterwards he worked at Infratec as a Key account manager for infrared measurement technology systems. During that time, he increased his experience within non-destructive and non-contact measurement solutions.
In 2014 he started to work for an international operating lightweight material manufacturer company. There he was able to gain experience within international business relationships and business development.
Since June 2016 he now works for Suragus and here he was able to combine my experience in non-destructive and non-contact measurement solutions with my business development skills.

Company Profile (SURAGUS GmbH)

The German SURAGUS GmbH develops, manufactures and markets measuring and testing solutions based on eddy current testing technology. The wide and high frequency range of EddyCus systems allows the testing of very low to good conductive materials. The EddyCus testing systems are used for the characterization of coatings, fiber reinforced composites and metals, alloys, semiconductors, ceramics or plastics.
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