Intelligent Illuminated Packaging With Energy Autonomy based On OPVs (Printed Electronics USA 2019)

Mr Chrisostomos Varlamis, Project Manager/Product Development
Organic Electronic Technologies P.C.


USA 2019 _ Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (OET) _ Presentation*

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Speaker Biography (Chrisostomos Varlamis)

Mr C. Varlamis is the Product Designer & Developer of OET's products and prototypes. He has a BSc in Materials Science and a MSc in Nanotechnology. He is responsible for the development and design of OE products, prototype devices and applications, product assurance, functionality, life time and stability. He is an expert in OE product prototyping and testing, R2R printing methods for the manufacturing of OEs, various encapsulation techniques and methods, degradation studies on OEs (climate & aging chamber), I-V electrical measurements with solar simulators, LBIC measurements, data analysis and interpretation.

Company Profile (Organic Electronic Technologies P.C. (OET))

OET is a world leader in R2R manufacturing of Printed Organic Electronics since integrates all processes and technologies (in line ps laser & metrology tools) into R2R Pilot and Production Printing lines (Inkjet, Slot die, Gravure, Screen Printing) with control in Automatic decision - making processes. OET is a provider of R2R full printed OPV products with unprecedented quality free of design. Its core activities include large scale manufacturing and optimization of OPVs, OLEDs and printed RFIDs/NFC antennas, encapsulation technologies, in-line metrology, Quality control platforms, in-line laser processes, design & development of Inkjets and lasers Systems for R2R lines. OET under international projects and collaborations from Europe, USA, Japan & China integrates its OE prototypes & products in Energy, Lighting, Automotive, Buildings, Wearables, IoT and Smart Packaging applications.
EU funding Horizon 2020: CORNET project ID:760949 & SMARTLINE project ID: 768707, Coordinator- S.Logothetidis (attendee)
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