Internet of Things Drives New Rapidly Growing Markets from Wearables to the Connected Car, Healthcare and More (Internet of Things Applications USA 2015)

Mr Pierre Roux, Director, Wireless MCUs
Atmel Corporation
United States

Presentation Summary

The Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up fresh horizons for a new generation of intelligent systems that leverage contextual computing and sensing platforms, creating new vertical markets. New platforms popping up for IoT include smart lighting, smart energy, industrial automation, consumer and automotive applications—where the combination of sensors using low-power sensor fusion platforms, and short-range wireless connectivity are opening up a variety of exciting end markets. From self quantification to a variety of location-based applications, these are all becoming the harbinger for a whole host of markets from wearable devices to the connected car, the intelligent home and a connected community. There are many standards and platform competing to make these services happen. This presentation compares these choices, and allows designers to choose the most efficient next-steps to make IoT a reality.

Speaker Biography (Pierre Roux)

Pierre is Head of the Wireless MCU Solutions at Atmel and brings over 15 years of experience in embedded systems. In his current role, he is responsible for product management and the marketing organization developing low power wireless transceivers and SoCs that are leveraged to create MCU-based solutions for IoT edge nodes. Prior to this role, Pierre has held several positions in the MCU business unit including a 7-year overseas assignment in Asia Pacific, during which he established the company's ARM-based MCU business.
Prior to joining Atmel in 2004, he held various positions in IC Design, and System & Application Engineering at Scaleo Chip, a fables semiconductor company specialized in low power ARM-based ASICs. He holds a Master of Science in Technologies for broadband communications from the University College London and is a graduate from CPE Lyon Institute of Technology, France, with a Masters Degree in Microelectronics.

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