Low Cost Copper Ink Technology from Intrinsiq Materials - Latest Developments (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Dr Richard Dixon, CTO
Intrinsiq Materials Ltd
United Kingdom
Apr 02, 2014.

Presentation Summary

  • It is 3 years since Intrinsiq Materials launched it's novel nanocopper-based inkjet and screen print inks onto the market - these light pulse sintered materials promise to revolutionise the emerging printed electronics market due to their low cost, rapid processing and compatibility with low temperature and flexible substrates.
  • Since launch, well over 100 clients have evaluated the inks in a wide range of applications and many are involved incollaboration with Intrinsiq to integrate this technology into their next generation devices.
  • This presentation describes some of the latest developments and applications of Intrinsiq's copper ink technology, including fine line printing, printing copper seed layers for subsequent copper plating, the Intrinsiq LAPS-60™ laser sintering systems for prototyping and volume production and the potential cost savings to be made in the manufacture of components as diverse as RFID antenna and automotive sensors.

Speaker Biography (Richard Dixon)

Dr. Richard J. Dixon has a BSc in Chemistry from Imperial College and a PhD in semiconductor physics. He also has an MBA from Durham University. Before joining Intrinsiq Materials in 2007 as COO he was Director of Operations for an electronics design and manufacturing company floated on the stock market with a market cap of over GBP 100 m. In his early career, Richard worked as a project manager for a large electronics multinational running multi million pound capital installation projects and new product development.

Company Profile (Intrinsiq Materials)

Intrinsiq Materials logo
Intrinsiq Materials is an advanced materials company with facilities in Farnborough UK and
Rochester US, providing nanoparticle based copper ink formulations for printed electronics
applications. Our copper inkjet ink, 'Intrinsiq CI', and copper screen print paste, 'Intrinsiq CP', are innovative ink formulations designed for photonic curing at room temperature in air, by laser or broad band flash techniques. Conductivities are comparable to commercial silver inks on a range of substrates, including paper. The company has additional inks under development, including nanoparticle based nickel and silicon.
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