OnTune(TM) Technology: Auto-Tuning for Readers and Tags (RFID Smart Labels USA 2008)

Dr Nick Hill, Founder
Cambridge Resonant Technologies Ltd, United Kingdom
Feb 21, 2008.


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Presentation Summary

  • OnTuneTM technology is based on a new class of resonator that offers benefits for RFID readers and tags.
Fully backwards compatible, it offers the following:
  • Auto-tuning for tolerance to environment or increased manufacturing spread.
  • Removal of any upper limit on useful antenna Q, even when combined with high speed communications. Improvements in antenna Q provide the following:
  • Efficiency gains
  • Range extension
  • Smaller antennae

Speaker Biography (Nick Hill)

Nick Hill is the founder of Cambridge Resonant and the inventor of OnTuneTM technology. He is a physicist by training, having studied at Cambridge and Oxford. He has been working in high tech start-ups in the Cambridge (UK) area for the last 10 years and is inventor on over 20 patents.

Company Profile (Cambridge Resonant)

Cambridge Resonant logo
Cambridge Resonant has developed breakthrough technology in RFID and wireless power. OnTuneTM technology enables a new generation of RF devices freed from the conventional bandwidth vs. efficiency constraint. There is now no fundamental limit to antenna efficiency in RFID, as we bypass the conventional drawbacks associated with detuning and communication bandwidth.
OnTuneTM is fully backwards compatible, and promises differentiation within standardised industries. Our first solutions are low frequency readers that provide an order of magnitude power saving over standard technology, with further development of high frequency readers and tags underway.
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