Overview of UK Energy Harvesting Activities (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2013)

Dr James Johnstone, Theme Mgr - Metrology, Instrumentation & Standards
Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group
United Kingdom
Nov 21, 2013.


Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group (Dr James Johnstone) - Presentation*
Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group (Dr James Johnstone) - Audio Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

This presentation will outline some of the highlight UK Government activities funded through the Technology Strategy Board's Special interest Group (SiG) and efforts made to encourage the development of energy harvesting systems in the UK. The Energy Harvesting SiG comprises 350 members and encompasses a wide range of harvesting expertise including solar, piezoelectric, thermoelectric, vibration through to embedded system development and component integration. Other activities in the UK to support energy harvesting include the development of a battery development centre and also significant capability in flexible photovoltaics.

Speaker Biography (James Johnstone)

James is currently the Metrology and Instrumentation Theme Manager for the Nanotechnology KTN. He assists companies and academics in translating research and development into the market. He previously worked at NPL as a Scientist, Technology Translator for the Sensors KTN and the FP6 National Contact Point for the NMP priority. He is involved with several including in his current KTN role on Energy Harvesting and Graphene and has completed a report on the barriers to commercialisation for nanotechnology as part of the FP7 CSA NanoCom project. He also runs an annual NanoEntrepreneurs Focus Group event to inform SME's on business development issues.

Company Profile (Nano KTN)

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The Energy Harvesting Special Interest Group (SiG) is a collaboration between several UK Knowledge Transfer Networks (KTN's) and is sponsored by the UK Technology Strategy Board. The primary aim of this group is to connect and catalyse innovation in the UK sector with a particular focus on companies and industrialisation. The SiG has over 350 individual members covering many aspects of the components required to enable harvesting to occur. The group has run a series of events, written several short state-of-art reports and also help catalyse the community in recent funding calls for research and development.
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