Printed Electronics For Motorcycle And Point Of Sale Branding: Untapped Opportunities Across Domains In India (Printed Electronics USA 2019)

Ashok Sridhar, Business Head - Printed Electronics
Classic Stripes


USA 2019 _ Classic Stripes _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

For any technology to be commercially successful, killer applications and corresponding critical masses in terms of production volumes are necessary. While Hybrid Printed Electronics does have potential killer applications such as In-Mold Electronics and Wearable Electronics, with potentially large production volumes, the chasm that truly separates a successful product or technology from the not-so-successful ones has not yet been crossed. There are still significant challenges to be resolved before these applications take off.
Classic Stripes is a major graphics printing company in India that is diversifying into Hybrid Printed Electronics. Our thorough investigations in the past 6 months have clearly shown that India is a market with an enormous, hitherto untapped potential, which can propel Hybrid Printed Electronics from an exciting-yet-secondary technology to a truly mainstream technology. A complex and diverse marketplace like India does not follow the template that is sometimes applied for mature markets where Printed Electronics is being investigated and implemented. Instead, a tailor-made product mix addressing customer needs, combined with an appropriate go-to-market strategy, is the best way forward. Our market research and customer engagement shows that there is a massive implementation potential across many domains such as branding and advertising. During this talk, we will show our latest product offerings targeting point-of-sale display, dynamic and interactive advertising hoardings, and two-wheeler (motorcycle) branding. The need for a collaborative approach across the value chain in order to gain maximum traction will also be emphasized in this talk.

Company Profile (Classic Stripes Private Limited)

Classic Stripes Private Limited (part of Astarc Group) is an Indian company headquartered in Mumbai. It is one of the largest manufacturers of automotive graphics in the world with a production capacity of over 15 million automotive graphic sets per year. Leveraging its advanced screen printing expertise developed over 3 decades, Classic Stripes has ventured into Printed Electronics and Hybrid Printed Electronics manufacturing. The company is fully equipped to provide end-to-end solutions for design, development, prototyping, testing and mass production of various sensors, LED/EL lighting as well as signage, and actuators, all of which can be combined with top-notch graphics.
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