Printed Electronics Of Healthcare Devices And Other Applications (Printed Electronics Europe 2019)

Mr Jaye Tyler, President / CEO
Nissha Si-Cal Inc
United States


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Presentation Summary

The presentation will address the multi-element and complex design cycle associated with the creation of printed electronics healthcare devices. It will detail the inherent advantages of deploying design for manufacturing strategies in the early design process of these products. Also, to be addressed will be an overview of the various printing processes available to manufacture these devices including sheet-fed (batch mode) and roll-to-roll (continuous). A critical tradeoff analysis of these processes will be given and several healthcare, RFID and heater devices that are in production will be discussed.

Speaker Biography (Jaye Tyler)

Jaye Tyler is President/CEO of Nissha Si-Cal Technologies, Inc. In 2003, Tyler bought the company (Then known as Si-Cal) from the founder's family as it was preparing to enter bankruptcy. After the closing, Tyler personally and with private and public funding sources re-capitalized the business to allow Tyler the ability to initiate his turnaround strategy. Over the next 10 years, the company's sales grew over 400% (Opened a sales office in Monterrey, Mexico), the labor force was dramatically modified, and capital investments were made throughout the organization (Primarily investments in state of the art printing lines). In 2004, Mr. Tyler started an initiative to expand the revenue stream by pursuing the growth industry of printed electronics which has expanded every year and today represents the growth engine of the organization with a focus in medical devices. In February 2014, Nissha based in Kyoto, Japan acquired controlling interest in the business. In 2017, Si-Cal's capabilities were further expanded by acquiring GSI Technologies based in Burr Ridge, IL

Company Profile (Nissha Si-Cal Inc)

Nissha Si-Cal Inc logo
Si-Cal has leveraged its almost 50 years industry experience in the roll to roll and sheet fed screen printing industry to become a leader in the field of printed electronics. We print conductive inks on state of the art printing lines with the capability to print on films, 1 to 10 mils thick. We print a wide variety of printed medical device products including electrodes for EKG and iontophoresis drug delivery, defibrillator pads, diagnostic test strips, radio opaque markers and on body stimulation sensors. We also print anti counterfeit RFID antennas, heaters and thermocouples. We have recently become involved in layered display materials and have through hole printing capabilities for micro-fluidic electrodes. Our wide format equipment has exceptional registration capability for very tight tolerances and we print many functional ink multi layers extremely accurately with thermal and UV drying capabilities. Si-Cal has patent pending technology which is Printed and Applied Circuitry enabling printed circuitry and sensor ink layers to be permanently bonded to curved and other 3D surfaces.
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