Printed Organic Photovoltaics Go Green: A Breakthrough In Single Junction PCE 11.5% Using Non Halogen Ink For R2R Process. (Printed Electronics USA 2016)

Dr Phoebe Tan, Vice President Business Development
Raynergy Tek Incorporation


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Speaker Biography (Phoebe Tan)

1. Extensive experience in Semiconducting Materials and device processes for Organic Electronics i.e. OTFT and OPV.
2. Currently appointed as Product Development Vice President, led the RD team and demonstrate recent world record Non Halogen Formulation OPV 11.5% PCE.
3. Currently also responsible for Business Development in EU,KOREA Business Unit, Project Management and contract negotiation;
4. Director for Product Development of OTFT Materials platform for G2.5 Display MFG line as well as Project management on organic sensor with Eu customer in Polyera Taiwan , 2012- 2014
5. Senior Scientist in Polyera US (Chicago) 2011-2012
6. Co-PI and Scientist of Printed Electronics Program in IMRE A*STAR Singapore 2009-2011
7. Ph.D. in Materials Science & Enginnering ,Nanyang Technological University, S'pore.
8. Invited speaker for international symposium for i.e. IDtechEX, Europe Semi PV,
Korea IUPAC, Taiwan Semi PV and etc.
9. Awardee of George E. Smith IEEE Electron Device USA 2009
10. 23 internaltional journal papers, citation >500 times

Company Profile (Raynergy Tek Incorporation)

Raynergy Tek Incorporation logo
Founded in 2014, Raynergy Tek focuses on commercialization of Organic Photovoltaics Technology (OPV) with core competences in Organic Chemistry Synthesis and molecular engineering. As a committed specialty chemical supplier, our proprietary performance materials ranged from photoactive materials to interface materials for solution processed OPV devices and our key products has been certified in world renowned certification centre such as US NREL, US Newport and Taiwan Enlitech to achieve >10% in efficiency. In total, our IP portfolio has more than 200 world wide materials based IP. The head office is located in Hsinchu, Taiwan. Please refer to External Link for further information or contact us at
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