Printing Of 3D Shaped Conductive Traces In Mass Production (Printed Electronics Europe 2016)

Mr Henrik Johansson, Technology Development - Antennas
LiteOn Mobile


Europe 2016 Presentation - LiteOn Mobile*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - LiteOn Mobile*

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Presentation Summary

LITEON Mobile Mechanical SBG is in the business of mass production in high volumes. For applying conductive traces, such as antennas and sensors, onto different substrates such as plastics, glass and composites, we have developed a production process that prints highly conductive ink on conformal and 3-dimensional surfaces. This talk will present the challenges and solutions to bring this process into mass production as well as explain the benefits of this novel production process.

Speaker Biography (Henrik Johansson)

Henrik Johansson, Senior Manager, Technology Development, Antennas
Henrik has been working in the mobile industry for over 18 years in a wide range of areas.
In Henrik's current role he is working in LITEON Mobile Mechanical R&D Technology Development team where the company future technology roadmap is created and executed to meet the future needs from its customers and partners. In this group Henrik is heading the Antenna team developing novel antenna RF systems and manufacturing processes. During recent years Henrik have been deeply involved and driving the Lite-On Mobile Mechanical effort to take Printed Antennas and Sensors from idea to become fully implemented in a multi-million pieces production environment.

Company Profile (Lite-On Mobile)

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As a subsidiary of LITEON Technology Corporation, Mobile Mechanical SBG (previously Lite-On Mobile) is a global leader in mechanical solutions and services for the automotive, personal care, and communication device industries. Its service offering covers the whole product lifecycle from planning, conceptualization, and design, to tooling, manufacturing, assembly, and testing. Mobile Mechanical SBG's world-leading expertise lies in visual metals, plastics, antennas, and their integrations.
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