R&A: From Lab To Market (Graphene LIVE! Europe 2014)

Mr Mario Celdran, CEO
Apr 02, 2014.

Presentation Summary

How to scale graphene production up
.- The new companies relationship model.
.- Choosing the right partner..!!
.-Technoscience for society.

Speaker Biography (Mario Celdran)

Mario Celdrán Romero. 42 years old. Graphenano´s General Manager&Shareholder. Degree in Economics(CUNEF)- Complutense University- Madrid(Spain). I have been working for 16 years in Oil Companies(Kuwait Petroleum, Shell) and I am still advisor from some oil companies, and I am also involved as shareholder in different companies in different fields.

Company Profile (Graphenano)

Graphenano logo
GRAHPENANO is the first manufacturer worldwide producing graphene in industrial scales.
GRAPHENO´s applications will respond to the needs of a more advanced and dynamic society, prepared to be more sustainable and happier.
GRAPHENANO's scientific advances are independent, helping to legitimize the future of the Nanotechnology
GRAPHENANO is the result of a Spanish corporation with a private initiative, focused on the development of new nanotechnology materials .
GRAPHENANO is a hi-tech research company; its work concept is based in offering an integrated service by developing different applications.
Created in 2012, its social capital is constituted by 90% Spanish and 10% German.
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