Recent Development Of Graphene Elastomer Nano-composite And Graphene Inks (Printed Electronics USA 2016)

Dr Yu Sun, Chemist
Birla Carbon
United States


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USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Birla Carbon*

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Presentation Summary

Graphene is discussed on its applications in polymers, especially on various commercially important elastomers, with respect to how they interact with graphene and how their key properties are tuned. Discussion also extends to graphene inks applications on flexible electronics. The review gives a comprehensive idea of graphene and its applications, which will shed light on future study on this area.

Speaker Biography (Yu Sun)

Dr. Yu Sun currently works in Birla Carbon, USA, with a primary focus on the development of novel nano-scale carbon materials. Dr. Sun has years of experience on graphene nano-composite especially for rubber materials. His interest of area includes but is not limited to new energy green tire, truck tire with high tear strength, high temperature high pressure (H.T.H.P.) specialty rubber, as well as conductive rubber for wearable electrodes and sensors. Dr. Sun has given speeches everywhere in the world and published several papers. Dr. Sun received his BS from Zhejiang University, and his PhD from University of Akron, one of the top polymer programs in USA.

Company Profile (Birla Carbon)

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Birla Carbon is the world's leading sustainable manufacturer and supplier of carbon black additives. Our global presence ensures that our carbon black is of the highest quality worldwide, delivering a consistent product wherever our customers are. Whether an established formulation or a custom solution, Birla Carbon is the right partner with the right product for superior performance in any application for tires, specialty blacks and mechanical rubber goods.
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