Semi-passive (Class 3) RFID Sensors for Coldchain Applications (Active RFID Summit 2007)

Mr Michael Petersen, Chief Operating Officer
Information Mediary Corporation, Canada
Dec 06, 2007.


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Presentation Summary

  • Limitations of Active RFID
  • Semi-passive RFID sensor tags and applications
  • Case studies of Information Mediary semi-passive RFID temperature loggers

Speaker Biography (Michael Petersen)

Michael has enjoyed an extensive entrepreneurial business career in the high-technology sector for over 20 years. Michael co-founded Information Mediary Corporation in 2001 with Dr. Allan Wilson, and has led its successful R&D initiative toward a number of world-class, award-winning RFID-related products, such as Log-ic Temp Loggers, Med-ic Intelligent Pharma Blisters, eCAP Smart Pharmacy Vials, and XINK RFID Antenna Inks. Michael operates on a philosophy of partnership and cooperation, and makes available IMC products through distribution, agency, and fulfillment channels worldwide. Michael is widely recognized as a leading authority on intelligent packaging and RFID sensor devices.

Company Profile (Information Mediary Corporation)

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Since 2001, IMC has commercially developed and sold millions of smart packaging devices. These are now also connected to the cloud via RFID, NFC and iOS NDEF and available for both human and veterinary use.
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