Sensel's Pressure Grid™ Technology Enables Next-Generation Touch Sensors (Sensors USA 2017)

Mr Scott Isaacson, Materials Engineer
Sensel, Inc.
United States

Presentation Summary

Sensel's Pressure Grid technology enables the capture of extremely high-resolution force images with low-cost, high-speed electronics. This breakthrough innovation is enabled by a dense array of force sensors that capture a wide range of force application - from a 5 g light touch to a 5 kg hard press.

Speaker Biography (Scott Isaacson)

Scott received a BS in Chemical Engineering from the University of Minnesota and a PhD in Materials Science and Engineering from Stanford University. He has spent the last 8 years researching functional thin film materials.

Company Profile (Sensel)

Sensel logo
Founded in 2013, Sensel is a StartX accelerator graduate building next-generation input devices that outperform existing touch solutions in terms of accuracy, latency, and power.
Sensel's first product, the Morph, is the first input device of its kind, and brings multi-touch pressure sensing technology to consumer electronics. Brought to life by former Amazon engineers Ilya Rosenberg and Aaron Zarraga, Sensel's touch technology will empower makers and creators everywhere to explore new possibilities in art, music, gaming, video editing, custom interfaces and beyond.
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