TempTraq: A Commercial Evolution Of Printed And Flexible Electronics (Energy Storage Innovations USA 2019)

Mr Matthew Ream, EVP Marketing and Innovations
Blue Spark Technologies
United States


USA 2019 _ Blue Spark Technologies _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Blue Spark Technologies _ Presentation*
USA 2019 _ Blue Spark Technologies _ Presentation*

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Presentation Summary

TempTraq®, powered by Blue Spark Technologies' patented, printed flexible battery, is the only wearable, single use, Bluetooth® temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable patch. TempTraq continuously, safely and comfortably monitors body temperature for up to 72 hours. The presentation will discuss the challenges and rewards of developing a wearable FDA Class II medical device. Clinical and consumer implementations, clinical trials, as well as the technology behind it.

Speaker Biography (Matthew Ream)

With more than 25 years in the high-tech engineering industry, Matt Ream is currently responsible for worldwide marketing for Blue Spark Technologies. Responsible for creating, defining and implementing Blue Spark's go-to-market strategy, Mr. Ream is an accomplished hi-tech marketing and business development professional with deep domain experience in online marketing, branding, product management, social media, strategic planning, creative development, and sales promotion. Mr. Ream is also co-inventor of Blue Spark's newest product, TempTraq®.
Prior to joining Blue Spark Technologies, Mr. Ream spent almost two decades in high-tech marketing and business development, with the majority of that time in the IoT and radio frequency identification (RFID) industry. Most recently, he held senior RFID market and business development positions with Zebra Technologies Corporation, a leading provider of RFID and location solutions. He also led RFID product management for Omron Electronics. Mr. Ream holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering Technology from DeVry University.

Company Profile (Blue Spark Technologies)

Blue Spark Technologies, the world's leading producer of solutions for wearable and flexible electronics. An innovator in the wearable medical device space, Blue Spark utilizes its proprietary, patented, printed battery technology to develop disruptive technologies in printed and flexible electronics.
Headquartered in Westlake, Ohio, Blue Spark Technologies was founded as the leader in developing thin, flexible, printed battery solutions based on intellectual property licensed from Energizer®. Blue Spark Technologies' latest innovation, TempTraq®, is the only Bluetooth®, wearable temperature monitor in the form of a soft, comfortable patch that continuously, safely and comfortably, monitors body temperature for up to 72 hours and sends alerts to Apple® or Android™ compatible mobile devices. The company's TempTraq Connect HIPAA-compliant service supported by Google Healthcare Cloud Platform allows parents and caregivers to monitor body temperature from anywhere. It also allows direct integration with health care provider electronic health records (EHR) systems and central nursing stations, providing a secure method of storing patient health care data.
In addition to delivering battery technology to complementary solution developers, Blue Spark has developed an innovative line of industrial wireless sensing products.
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