The Garment Is The Computer - From Fitness To Healthcare (Wearable USA 2016)

Mr Maurizio Macagno, Co-Founder
Sensoria Inc

Presentation Summary

After launching a few products for the fitness and sports segment, the Sensoria SDK technology -combined with a new breed of truly wearable sensors - provide a foundational stepping stone towards value based medicine and will enable the future of healthcare.
Wearable telemedicine will allow people to be monitored and assisted in their home without sacrificing quality of care and at the same time reducing associated healthcare costs.
Sensoria provides a wearable platform that allows partners to build their own solutions. With our unique textile pressure sensors, micro-electronics and cloud infrastructure Sensoria's partners will allow clinicians and care givers to monitor patient data in real-time and be alerted as soon as something that needs their attention happen.

Speaker Biography (Maurizio Macagno)

Maurizio (Mac) is a former software professional with over 20 years of development and technical program management experience in various technologies and industries. He joined Microsoft Italy in 1999, where he worked for 6 years as a consultant and solution architect for top Italian Microsoft customers in the banking, retail, military, telco and manufacturing industries. He moved to USA in 2005 to later join Microsoft Xbox / Entertainment division, where he served as a Senior Program Manager for Xbox LIVE services until 2013. He got the entrepreneurial bug and founded Green Tomatoes, a small start-up focused on IT consulting and mobile application development. He then went on co-founding Sensoria Inc., one of the most innovative companies in the Wearable Tech, where he serves as CTO.

Company Profile (Sensoria)

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Our vision is The Garment is The Computer®. Headquartered in Redmond, (WA) Sensoria Inc. is a leading developer of IoE (Internet of Everyone) wearable solutions that improve people's lives. Our proprietary e-textile sensor platform enables Sensoria powered garments to deliver actionable information to health and fitness users in real-time. Sensoria® is a registered trademark of Sensoria Inc. For further information on Sensoria, please visit:
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