The IoT and Street Lighting: 200k Nodes and Counting (Internet of Things Applications Europe 2015)

Mr Richard Sims, Business Manager, Connected Devices
The Technology Partnership plc
United Kingdom
Apr 28, 2015.


Europe 2015 Presentation - The Technology Partnership plc*
Europe 2015 Audio Presentation - The Technology Partnership plc*

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Speaker Biography (Richard Sims)

Richard has been designing, developing and managing projects in the field of connected systems for over 12 years. These have ranged from 802.15.4 based wireless sensor networks for managing the health of dairy cattle, to a proprietary radio system for use in 'zero-power' electronic point of sale labels. He has been responsible for multiple projects that have achieved significant commercial success, with over 7 million nodes in the field using TTP developed technology.

Company Profile (TTP plc)

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The Technology Partnership (TTP) makes new technology and new products possible by the way we work. We build teams of talented, bright, accomplished people and give them the freedom to share their knowledge and enthusiasm within the business. We have a commitment to world-class engineering and science and firmly believe it can have a huge impact on the commercial success of our clients. A team over 300 exceptionally skilled and accomplished scientists, engineers and business innovators, with in-depth industry expertise, work closely with our customers to turn great ideas into reality. We invent, design, develop and engineer new products, processes and instruments. The scope and variety of our projects can be very different, but we routinely define the need, assess the market opportunity, specify the goals, create the solution, build the prototypes, engineer for production and then transfer the output into a manufacturing supply chain. External Link
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