The Ultimate Biosensor (IDTechEx Sensors USA 2016)

Mr Brett Goldsmith, CTO
Nanomedical Diagnostics
United States


IDTechEx Show! USA Presentation - Nanomedical Diagnostics*
USA 2016 Audio Presentation - Nanomedical Diagnostics*

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Presentation Summary

For years biosensors have shown significant promise with their flexibility and high sensitivity, but are limited in terms of cost, difficulty in use, and total throughput. For these reasons most life science research and clinical diagnostics are still done using decades old chemical methods. Graphene bioFETs will change this.

Speaker Biography (Brett Goldsmith)

A founding member of Nanomedical Diagnostics and the company's CTO, Dr. Goldsmith's passion is taking nanoelectronic technology out of the theoretical realm to create practical products. One of the few people in the world with the combined expertise in biology and nanotechnology needed to develop graphene as a viable bio-electronic device, Dr. Goldsmith was the lead researcher on landmark field effect biosensing papers in Science and Nature Nanotechnology. His early work established coupling of biochemical systems to carbon nanotubes, for which he won the Nottingham Prize from the Physical Electronics Conference. Following graduate school at UC Irvine, Dr. Goldsmith joined the University of Pennsylvania as an Intelligence Community Fellow and led a project developing electronic devices coupled with GPCRs for multiplexed small molecule sensing. Leaving his post-doc position to start a nanotechnology group at the Navy's San Diego laboratory, Dr. Goldsmith identified technological needs in the field and advanced nanotechnology solutions to those needs through partnership with programs including Living Foundries and IVN Dx. Dr. Goldsmith brings proven experience in applying technological advancements in materials and electronics to biomedical needs.

Company Profile (Nanomedical Diagnostics)

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Nanomed offers unprecedented insight into life science and unsolved biological problems, so researchers, drug-developers and doctors can make new solutions! We do this via our technology and business platforms, giving people state-of-the-art yet plug-and-play test and measurement platforms. This core technology creates bridges between Biological and the Electrical worlds. Our tech and business platforms are Flexible, Portable and Scalable. We are building the world's leading "Digital Biosensor" platform. This platform works by utilizing the amazing physical properties of the nanomaterial graphene, plus a proprietary way connect the sensor to any relevant type of biology, so we can use computing power to understand biology and life science on a new level.
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