Vittoria's Graphene Revolution: A Competitive Advantage (Graphene Europe 2016)

Mr Michael Marx, Senior Executive Director (Products)
Vittoria Industries Ltd
Hong Kong


Europe 2016 Presentation - Vittoria Industries Ltd*
Europe 2016 Audio Presentation - Vittoria Industries Ltd*

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Presentation Summary

The science behind Graphene is undoubtedly well-known. This story however, is about commercially available products (wheels and tires) with unique benefits that are unlocked by applying pristine Graphene. After 4 years of development, Vittoria and JV partner Directa Plus managed to combine Graphene and rubber. They also discovered how to enhence carbon wheels with Graphene.

Speaker Biography (Michael Marx)

Michael Marx, Product Director, was born in Germany. Michael is a former world champion in team pursuit and has a broad experience in the cycling industry. He managed the Two-wheel Tyre Division of Continental for almost 10 years. The past 9 years Michael has operated as consultant and interim-manager in his own company, Balanced Performance. Michael spent time as the COO of Cervélo, Project Management Consultant of Derby Cycle (PON Group) and the General Manager of the Vredestein Two-wheel Tyre Business Unit. Michael joined Vittoria in August 2015.

Company Profile (Vittoria Industries Ltd)

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Vittoria is an innovative force in the cycling industry with a long history of successes at all levels of competition. In a market where the company is surrounded by automotive giants, unique skills and the drive to innovate is crucial to its existence.
With Vittoria's success comes a great responsibility. Millions of cyclists trust Vittoria and its products to keep them safe as they push themselves to the edge. Today, Vittoria is one of the world's leading manufacturers of bicycle tires with an annual production of approximately 7 million tires and 900,000 high performance tubulars and cotton tires.
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