Wall-Paper Electromagnetic Wave Filter: A New Niche Market for Printed Electronics (Printed Electronics Europe 2014)

Mr Guy Petot-Toutollet, Director
Centre Technique du Papier
Apr 02, 2014.


Berlin 2014 Presentation - Centre Technique du Papier*
Berlin 2014 Audio Presentation - Centre Technique du Papier*

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Presentation Summary

Mobile phones, Wifi, WiMax, Bluetooth, RFID... are wireless communication technologies and in full expansion. This changes our environment which is surrounded by a multitude of electromagnetic waves. More and more people wish to install electromagnetic filtering solutions for individual or material protection but also for data security. For example, theatres, hospitals must remain «quietness» electromagnetic areas; some electronic systems require protection against degradation or malfunctioning. Data security is also an important application, particularly for companies which use Wifi networks. A physical protection is the best protection against hackers.
To be protected, an efficient protection solution is the Faraday cage but it is highly expensive, not easy to implement and it blocks all radiations. Another possibility is carbon based paints that can block the waves but are not selective and require ground connection. Lastly, cell-phone jammers exist but they do not go in the electromagnetic « quietness » direction.
With recent printed electronic possibilities, we have worked on a key-concept to perform selective anti-Wifi or anti-GSM material. The final solution is wallpaper functionalised to ensure selective frequency filtering. Electromagnetic waves are either dispersed or reflected by it. This material has the well-known qualities of paper, such as low cost, renewability and it is a recyclable resource. This Frequency Selective Surface technology has been implemented thanks to printed electronic techniques. Attenuation up to 30dB (99,9%) has been experimentally reached. This application shows a good example of what printed electronic can generate in terms of high-added value and mass production products.

Speaker Biography (Guy Petot-Toutollet)

Graduated in Electrical engineering, Guy begun his career at TECHPAP in 1991, then he joined the Centre Technique du Papier, to develop on-line and laboratory sensors for the Pulp and Paper industry through research programs and private contracts.
From 2005, he is the Director of the Department: Sensors-Modelling and Data treatment. With his pluri-disciplinary team, he develops activities for measuring tools, modelling, data treatment and projects mixing ITCs and the papermaking industry. From 2010 he is in charge of the new scientific priority action devoted to printed electronic, smart paper at CTP.

Company Profile (Centre Technique du Papier)

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CTP (Centre Technique du Papier) - www.webctp.com - is a private industrial research centre, employing 130 people to promote scientific and technological development of the pulp and papers industries. Its mission is to create value for the whole industrial production sites.
CTP is independent and impartial, with high level of Scientific Expertise particularly in future packaging developments, printed electronics / communicating paper and industrial performance.
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