Wireless EV Charging With MagnetoDynamic Coupling: A Modular Approach To Wireless Power (Electric Vehicles: Everything is Changing. USA 2016)

Dr Brice Jamieson, Director of Technology & BD
Elix Wireless


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Presentation Summary

ELIX Wireless is developing wireless EV charging systems using our patented MagnetoDynamic Coupling (MDC) technology to safely and efficiently transfer power at low frequency. This presentation discusses the challenges faced in the design of a 7.7 kW commercial product and the roadmap forward for ELIX technology, including higher-power wireless modules.

Speaker Biography (Brice Jamieson)

Dr. Brice Jamieson is the Director of Technology at ELIX Wireless Charging systems, developing low-frequency, magnetically-coupled power transfer systems for high-efficiency power transfer in the EV, eTransit, and medical wireless spaces. He is a specialist in ferromagnetic materials for power devices, previously as a Senior Scientist with ABB Corporate Research in Kraków, Poland and before that as a postdoctoral researcher at Tyndall National Institute in Cork, Ireland. He received his Ph.D. in Microelectronic Engineering in 2010 from the National University of Ireland/University College Cork where he worked at Tyndall National Institute on micromagnetic devices and materials for high-frequency, silicon-integrated microtransformers. He has a B.E. in Engineering Physics and B.Sc. (3-yr) in Computer Science from the University of Saskatchewan (2005).

Company Profile (Elix Wireless)

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ELIX Wireless produces the most unique wireless power systems in the world, using coupled permanent magnets to deliver low-frequency, low-EMI, high-efficiency wireless power for EV, eTransit, Material Handling, and many more applications. ELIX's patented MagnetoDynamic Charging technology is a scalable, modular solution to wireless power where systems may be combined to achieve higher power capacities as is needed. ELIX is an early-revenue stage startup with customers around the world and will be launching a 7.7 kW wireless charger for EVs in late 2017.
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