Work Play Communicate (Wearable Europe 2019)

Ms Myra Waiman, CEO
infi-tex Ltd
United Kingdom


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Europe 2019 (audio) Presentation - IDTechEx*

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Company Profile (Infi-tex)

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Infi-tex smart textiles are textile pressure sensor components, easily adaptable to many requirements from customers. So far we are working with customers in the sports and exercise market, wellness and elderly care, and disability sports markets incorporating footwear, clothing and home textile products.
Sensor components are expected to drive the Internet of Things (IoT) market as new products and software come to market and the need increases for new ways to receive and analyse IoT data.
Connectivity in every day life is on the increase. Smart cities, smart cars and smart clothing numbers are rising. Textiles are used universally, in the home, workplace, health and leisure activities. Our smart textile pressure sensors enable harvesting of data from every day tasks, with no additional wires and no cameras.
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