X-Ray Detection With Organic And Hybrid Photodetectors (Sensors Europe 2017)

Dr Sandro Francesco Tedde, Senior Key Expert Research Scientist
Siemens Healthineers

Presentation Summary

Medical imaging requires large area X-ray detectors due to the limited ability to focus X-ray radiation and the relatively large area of the human body. Organic and hybrid photodetectors provide the opportunity to be easily and cost efficiently fabricated on large areas. Beside the classical approach adopted in X-Ray imaging where a scintillating material is stacked on top of the photodetector matrix also the hybrid approach with scintillating particles embedded directly into the organic semiconducting bulk will be presented. An activity update of the DiCoMo Project (www.dicomo-project.eu External Link) (EU H2020) will also be content of this lecture.

Speaker Biography (Sandro Francesco Tedde)

Dr. Ing. Sandro Francesco Tedde is a senior key expert research scientist responsible for the organic photodetectors (OPD) technology at Siemens Healthineers' Technology Center with project management functions. Main focus of his work is the integration of organic and hybrid photodetectors in different imaging systems in particular for medical X-ray detectors. Dr. Tedde has >40 publications in scientific journals and >50 patent applications in the field of organic and hybrid electronics.

Company Profile (Siemens Healthineers)

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