ZigBee Deployments and an Update on Low Power Operations (Energy Harvesting and Storage USA 2011)

Skip Ashton, Chair of the ZigBee Architecture Review Committee and Ember's Senior VP of Engineering
Ember Corporation
United States
Nov 16, 2011.


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Presentation Summary

  • A review of the current deployment of ZigBee Devices and Markets
  • A discussion of where low power operations are seen within ZigBee.
  • Devices that specifically target low power operations; a discussion.

Speaker Biography (Skip Ashton)

Skip is the Senior Vice President of Engineering and Technology and has been with Ember since 2003. Skip is responsible for management of the Ember chip design, hardware, software and quality assurance teams. Ember is the leading ZigBee chip and software company. Ember has developed a number of wireless networking stacks for use on embedded systems with low memory footprints. The widest deployed of these software stacks is the ZigBee PRO stack which is used in Home and Building Automation as well as in energy saving applications in the Smart Grid. Ember is now deploying an IP based stack for these platforms based on the developments within ZigBee and IETF.
Prior to Ember, Skip held a variety of program management and engineering management rolls to focus on high quality product development. Skip has been involved with ZigBee since 2004 and is now the Chair of the ZigBee Architecture Review Committee as well as a Member of the ZigBee/HomePlug Steering Team. Skip is a member of the Smart Grid Architecture Committee with NIST on development of standards for the Smart Grid. Skip has been heavily involved in the development of the ZigBee PRO stack, ZigBee Home Automation profile and the ZigBee Smart Energy 1.0 and 2.0 profiles. Skip graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Georgia Institute of Technology and spent 5 years in the US Navy Nuclear Program.

Company Profile (Ember)

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Ember is the leading provider of wireless sensor and control network technologies. Ember provides industry leading chips, software and tools for ZigBee Applications around the world. Ember products are enabling dramatic energy efficiency improvements for businesses, homes and the utilities that serve them.
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