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Ford Motor Co
23 Aug 2021

Package Delivery Robots' Environmental Impacts

Whether a robot or a person delivers your package, the carbon footprint would essentially be the same, according to a study that could help inform the future of automated delivery as the pandemic fuels a dramatic rise in online shopping.
4 Sep 2020

Hanon Systems

Hanon Systems are a global tier-1 automotive parts supplier focussed on thermal management. The growing electric vehicle market presents new opportunities for Hanon.
28 May 2020

Toyota (2020)

7 Sep 2017

Pizza delivery using self driving vehicles

Domino's Pizza and Ford Motor Co are launching an industry-first collaboration to understand the role that self-driving vehicles can play in pizza delivery.
6 Apr 2017

Rize Inc.

20 Jan 2016

Dupont - In-mold electronics

9 Oct 2015

U-M opens world-class battery research lab

The open-access lab will provide space to build and test battery concepts while fully protecting the intellectual property of its users.
30 Aug 2015


23 Jul 2015

Test environment for connected and driverless vehicles

he University of Michigan has opened Mcity, the world's first controlled environment specifically designed to test the potential of connected and automated vehicle technologies that will lead the way to mass-market driverless cars.
9 Mar 2015

Velodyne LiDAR

16 Jan 2015

Unconquered Sun, University Of Windsor join forces

Sun Solar Technologies Inc has received the green light on government funding for an exciting new R&D collaboration with The University of Windsor aimed at optimizing Unconquered Sun's already popular Solar Fueled Electric Vehicle Powertrain technology.
20 Mar 2014


16 Dec 2013


11 Dec 2013

Ford Motor Co

Ford Motor Company is one of the world's largest automotive manufacturers. It has made a late but effective entry into pure electric and hybrid cars, gaining market share rapidly.
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5 Nov 2013

Ford recalls 2600 Focus Electric cars for potential power loss

Ford Motor Co is recalling 2,618 Focus Electric cars because of potential loss of power to the wheels while driving.
22 Jun 2010

Taiwan goes up market with EVs

Taiwan makes electric bicycles but mainly with most of the added value being in China, often by collaboration, in joint ventures with Chinese manufacturers.
11 Sep 2009

Nanosolar finally reveals more

The photovoltaic and printed electronics industry has been watching Nanosolar for years. Now, the company has made a series of new announcements.