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Automotive Technology

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Automotive Technology
19 Apr 2024

New Range Records Set for Hydrogen Cars and Why It May Not Matter

At the end of February 2024, the UK ran its second Hydrogen Week. During this week, Hyundai set two new records for the driving range of its fuel cell electric vehicles (FCEVs). While certainly a significant achievement, will the ultimate range of FCEVs impact consumer opinions and adoption?
23 Jan 2024

Upcoming Webinar - The Four Future Automotive Technology Opportunities

Tuesday 30 January 2024 - An overview of the megatrends changing the automotive industry; Explanation of what hardware/services are associated with each trend; CAGR growth rates for each of these technologies; Hardware vs services, where the biggest opportunity is
23 Jan 2024

Materials for PEM Fuel Cells 2024-2034: Technologies, Markets, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien, Chingis Idrissov and Dr James Edmondson
16 Jan 2024

The US$1.6 Trillion Future of the Automotive Tech Opportunity

Autonomous driving, electric vehicles, connected and software-defined vehicles, and in-cabin monitoring are all megatrends reshaping the automotive industry. Together, these technologies combine to form a US$1.6 trillion opportunity by 2034, nearly a 10-fold increase compared to 2023.
4 Jan 2024

Future Automotive Technology: Opportunities from Components & Services

Innovation roadmap for future automotive technologies: opportunities from components and services.
13 Dec 2023

Future Automotive Technologies 2024-2034

Forecasts from the IDTechEx Research report "Future Automotive Technologies 2024-2034: Applications, Megatrends, Forecasts"
7 Dec 2023

Fuel Cell Electric Vehicles 2024-2044: Markets, Technologies, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson, Shazan Siddiqi, Chingis Idrissov and Dr Conor O'Brien
27 Nov 2023

Electric and Fuel Cell Trucks 2024-2044: Markets, Technologies, and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr James Edmondson
31 Jul 2023

Autonomous Cars, Robotaxis and Sensors 2024-2044

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Jeffs and Dr Xiaoxi He
20 Jun 2023

Charging Infrastructure for Electric Vehicles and Fleets 2024-2034

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi
2 May 2023

ATT (Advanced Thermal Technologies)

ATT is collaborating with Henkel to develop heating for automotive interiors based on positive temperature coefficient (PTC) ink and advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) sensor cover heaters utilizing in-mold electronics (IME). IDTechEx caught up with Head of Printed Electronics Martin Hartinger at LOPEC 2023.
24 Jan 2023

Solid-State and Polymer Batteries 2023-2033: Technology, Forecasts, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Xiaoxi He
9 Aug 2022

Hyundai and Kia to Jointly Develop Mobile Robots for Space Exploration

Hyundai and Kia announced have signed joint research agreements with six Korean research institutes and formed a consultative body to develop mobility solutions to explore the surface of the moon. The announcement follows Korea's successful launch of a domestically produced rocket in June.
8 Aug 2022

Electric Cars 2023-2043

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Edmondson, Dr James Jeffs, Shazan Siddiqi and Dr Alex Holland
17 Jun 2022

Marine Electrification — Fireside Chat with General Motors

While General Motors has been providing engines to the maritime sector for decades, earlier this year it announced its first investment into electric boating — a 25% stake in outboard maker Pure Watercraft, with an initial collaboration on an electric pontoon boat. In this fireside chat, IDTechEx talks to GM about the investment, translating EV technology from automotive to marine, regulations, the impact of shortages, and more.
19 May 2022

EAVX and REE Begin Customer Evaluations of New Electric Walk-In Van

EAVX, a subsidiary of JB Poindexter & Co, and REE Automotive announced the companies' new fully electric walk-in van prototype will begin customer evaluation this summer. The class 5 vehicle debuts the EAVX body design powered by REE's modular P7 platform, making it the first fully drive-by-wire walk-in van on the market.
16 May 2022

Battery Swapping for Electric Vehicles 2022-2032: Technology, Players and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr James Edmondson
16 Mar 2022

SEA Electric Continues Push into Zero-Emissions School Buses

SEA Electric continues the push into the zero-emissions school bus space with the piloting of a Blue Bird Type C school bus powered by a SEA-Drive® 120b power-system.
11 Mar 2022

SEA Electric reveals SV6 EV: A Step Van Game-Changer at WTW2022

SEA Electric's leading technology in the zero-emissions e-Mobility space continues to find favor with commercial fleets the world over, with its latest configuration, the SV6 EV set to be a game-changer in North America's step van market.
9 Mar 2022

FUCHS: Dielectric Immersion Fluids for EVs

FUCHS are a global supplier of lubrication solutions. IDTechEx spoke to FUCHS to learn more about their dielectric fluids for immersion cooling EV battery packs.