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31 Jul 2023

Autonomous Cars, Robotaxis and Sensors 2024-2044

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Jeffs and Dr Xiaoxi He
14 Feb 2023

Autonomous Vehicle Trends & Milestones in 2022 & Expectations for 2023

They may not be ubiquitous yet, and the day-to-day advantages that they will start to provide may not be noticeable, but automated technologies across the automotive industry are starting to come of age. The 'robotaxi' industry is beginning to see more small commercial deployments. Autonomous trucks are on the cusp of real-world use, and next-generation sensor technologies are being deployed on vehicles that are for sale. This article covers some of the most exciting developments and milestones over the last year and makes predictions about what might come next year.
13 Dec 2022

Autonomous Vehicle Trends & Milestones In 2022 & Expectations for 2023

They may not be ubiquitous yet, and the day-to-day advantages that they will start to provide may not be noticeable, but automated technologies across the automotive industry are starting to come of age.
1 Nov 2022

CabiBUS: Private, Shared Autonomous Transport

CabiBUS is a Swedish-based startup with a patented concept for an autonomous vehicle with a capacity for six passengers each with a private cabin.
11 Oct 2022

Wireless Charging Market for Electric Vehicles 2023-2033: Technology, Players and Forecasts

IDTechEx Report: Shazan Siddiqi and Dr James Jeffs
28 Sep 2022

Three Biggest Hurdles Faced by Roboshuttles

Roboshuttles like those from EasyMile and Navya are a new and exciting mobility solution that have grown in interest during the past decade. However, in the past few years, IDTechEx has observed a slump in roboshuttle sales and a reduction in the number of active roboshuttle companies.
1 Sep 2022

Torc: An Autonomous Technology Company in Roboshuttles and Trucks

Torc has a history in robotics and autonomous technology development. It has worked on autonomous roboshuttles and autonomous trucks.
30 Aug 2022

Autonomous Trucks Will Deliver in the Heavy-Duty Vehicles Market

The new IDTechEx report, "Heavy-Duty Autonomous Vehicles 2023-2043: Trucks, Buses & Roboshuttles", has found significant activity in the autonomous heavy-duty and commercial vehicle space.
30 Aug 2022

Coast: Autonomous Shuttles and Utility Vehicles

Coast is a start-up that is working on a 'ground-up' purpose-built autonomous shuttle. The shuttle is currently in the prototype phase, but other autonomous utility vehicles are being trialled by industry partners.
25 Aug 2022

ST Engineering: Autonomous Bus Leaders in Singapore

ST Engineering has been working on autonomous technologies for midibuses and city buses. It is partnered with Chinese bus manufacturer BYD and was the first company to begin commercial trials with paying customers.
19 Aug 2022

Navya: Roboshuttle Leader

Navya has been working on autonomous roboshuttles since it was founded in 2014. It has been a front runner in the industry and has had trial deployments around the world.
18 Aug 2022

Heavy-Duty Autonomous Vehicles 2023-2043: Trucks, Buses & Roboshuttles

IDTechEx Report: Dr James Jeffs and Dr Xiaoxi He
17 Aug 2022

EasyMile: Roboshuttle Leader

EasyMile is a French-based roboshuttle company that was founded in 2014. It has been one of the leaders in the roboshuttle space, but these vehicles still aren't catching on and trial deployments are not converting to fleet orders.
1 Aug 2022

Nuro: Curbside Delivery Robots

Nuro makes zero-occupant autonomous delivery vehicles. It has commercial partnerships with Kroger and 7-Eleven and is completing autonomous grocery deliveries to customers today. Nuro was one of the first companies to receive permission to operate a commercial autonomous service in the US and is pushing policy makers to continue making progress for the autonomous vehicle industry.
12 Jul 2022


Roboshuttles are a new type of vehicle that we first saw emerging at the start of the last decade. Since then, many companies have shown interest in roboshuttles. They have generated excitement through their small size and bidirectional travel opening new use cases, such as operating in pedestrianised areas. Companies like Navya and EasyMile have been selling roboshuttles to other companies looking to investigate their use in small trials. Some have been able to expand to large trials involving tens to hundreds of units. However, we are starting to see some roboshuttle companies close their doors and others pivot to other vehicle types. While other autonomous technologies are now progressing into commercial trials and even early deployments, roboshuttles appear to be stagnating. This premium article explores and compares more than 25 different companies that have been involved in roboshuttles. IDTechEx has collected data on each of these companies and uses it to provide in-depth analysis and understanding of the roboshuttle industry in this premium article. From investigating the successes and failings within the industry, IDTechEx has formed an opinion about the outlook of roboshuttles and whether they are likely to be a commercial success in the future.
19 May 2022

EAVX and REE Begin Customer Evaluations of New Electric Walk-In Van

EAVX, a subsidiary of JB Poindexter & Co, and REE Automotive announced the companies' new fully electric walk-in van prototype will begin customer evaluation this summer. The class 5 vehicle debuts the EAVX body design powered by REE's modular P7 platform, making it the first fully drive-by-wire walk-in van on the market.
5 Oct 2021

New Smart City Materials and Formats

Cities seek more independence and security with water, food, and 100% electrification.
6 Jan 2021

Amazon Zoox is a Mistake

This article analyzes the recently revealed robotaxi from Amazon-owned Zoox.
25 Sep 2020

Autonomous Shuttles: The Future of Last-mile Mobility

Autonomous shuttles could be a key element that connects the public transportation systems to reduce private car ownership in the future. The autonomous shuttle total market size will be over $18 million by 2040, according to IDTechEx's report Robot Shuttles and Autonomous Buses 2020-2040.
8 Apr 2020

Autonomous Shuttles Help Transport COVID-19 Tests

For the first time in the US autonomous vehicles are being used to transport medical supplies and COVID-19 tests at Mayo Clinic in Florida.