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22 Sep 2021

TOF Sensor for Patient Monitoring: Track Human Skeletal Movement

Omron engineers have worked hard to create long lasting and reliable sensing products for manufacturers and product designers. With continued growth of smart sensor demand within the touchless market and for the medical industry, Omron has continued improvements on their latest sensing product, the B5L Time of Flight sensor.
22 Sep 2021

Tuning Flexible Circuits with Light

Researchers use ultraviolet light to tune circuit performance with a photoreactive polymer based on controlled changes in the chemical structure, which may lead to the development of wearable electronics and medical sensors.
21 Sep 2021

World's Smallest BLE Beacon and First Disposable Wearable Tag

The Nano Tag - the world's smallest BLE beacon, and the first disposable wearable tag - to solve for worker safety, patient and visitor experience use cases for the healthcare, hospitality and events industries.
20 Sep 2021

Xiaomi Unveils Smart Glasses

Xiaomi Smart Glasses is capable of combining imaging system and sensors into a subtle, ordinary glasses design through MicroLED optical waveguide technology. Weighing a mere 51g, Xiaomi Smart Glasses is able to display messages and notifications, make calls, navigate, capture photos, and translate text right before your eyes.
16 Sep 2021

3D Printed, Microscopic Gas Sensors

Scientists have discovered a way to fabricate tiny colour-changing gas sensors using new materials and a high-resolution form of 3D printing.
14 Sep 2021

Wearable Technology Forecasts 2021-2031

Forecasts from the IDTechEx report "Wearable Technology Forecasts 2021-2031"
Included are:
13 Sep 2021

Stretching the Capacity of Flexible Energy Storage

Some electronics can bend, twist and stretch in wearable displays, biomedical applications and soft robots. While these devices' circuits have become increasingly pliable, the batteries and supercapacitors that power them are still rigid. Now, researcher report a flexible supercapacitor with electrodes made of wrinkled titanium carbide — a type of MXene nanomaterial — that maintained its ability to store and release electronic charges after repetitive stretching.
9 Sep 2021

Printed and Flexible Sensors 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Markets

Forecasts taken from IDTechEx report "Printed and Flexible Sensors 2022-2032: Technologies, Players, Markets"
Included are:
9 Sep 2021

Wearable Technology Forecasts 2021-2031

IDTechEx Report: James Hayward
7 Sep 2021

Graphene Made with Lasers for Wearable Health Devices

Graphene, hexagonally arranged carbon atoms in a single layer with superior pliability and high conductivity, could advance flexible electronics according to researchers.
6 Sep 2021

A Skin Crawling Treatment for Acne?

Drawing inspiration from nature, a team of international scientists have invented a smart device for personalized skin care that collects and monitors body fluids while sticking to the skin's surface, paving the way for more accurate diagnostics and treatment for skin diseases and conditions like acne.
3 Sep 2021

Using Liquid Metal to Turn Motion into Electricity - Even Underwater

Researchers have created a soft and stretchable device that converts movement into electricity and can work in wet environments.
2 Sep 2021

E-Skin Identifies Your Movements

Scientists have created a wearable motion sensor capable of identifying bending and twisting, and can be applied in healthcare and manufacturing.
2 Sep 2021

Smart Wound Dressings with Built-In Healing Sensors

Researchers have developed smart wound dressings with built-in nanosensors that glow to alert patients when a wound is not healing properly. The multifunctional, antimicrobial dressings feature fluorescent sensors that glow brightly under UV light if infection starts to set in and can be used to monitor healing progress.
1 Sep 2021

Innovative Filter Media for Face Masks

A New Zealand company has developed and launched an innovative filter media for face masks and air filtration systems that kills bacteria and viruses, including the Human coronavirus 229E. Auckland based company NanoLayr, a deep tech manufacturer specialising in nanofibre production at scale, has added manuka oil to its patented nanofibre filter product FilterLayr, to create a N95 rated filter media.
31 Aug 2021

'Smart' Shirt Keeps Tabs on the Heart

There's no need to don uncomfortable smartwatches or chest straps to monitor your heart if your comfy shirt can do a better job. That's the idea behind "smart clothing" developed by a university lab, which employed its conductive nanotube thread to weave functionality into regular apparel.
30 Aug 2021

Wearable Detects Wide Range of Airborne Toxins

Many of the products we encounter daily — from deodorant to pesticides to paint — release molecules that drift through the air. Breathing in enough of the wrong ones can cause serious and potentially long-term health problems. However, it can be hard to estimate exposure because current devices are limited in what they can detect.
27 Aug 2021

Major Manufacturer Molex Company Profile by IDTechEx

Molex is a major manufacturer of printed electronics, flexible circuitry, sensor solutions, and user interface for a wide variety of applications. IDTechEx caught up with marketing analyst Kylie Pessetti of the Printed Circuit Solutions business unit (PCSBU) to find out about its capabilities in the manufacture of printed and flexible electronics.
27 Aug 2021

Customised Wound Dressings Made From Tropoelastin

Customized, biomedically applicable materials based on tropoelastin are being developed in a joint project. The material combines biocompatibility, durability, biodegradability and favorable mechanical properties similar to those of skin. Preclinical tests have confirmed that it is suitable for use as a wound dressing material used in the treatment of chronic and complex wounds.
26 Aug 2021

Electrically Conductive Adhesives (ECAs): The Successor to Solder?

Join the IDTechEx Webinar Thursday 9 September 2021 - An introduction for Electrically conductive adhesives; A summary of different competing die attach technologies; The main applications of ECAs; The main materials used for ECAs; and A summary of the growing and changing market for ECAs.