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28 Feb 2024

Printed and Flexible Sensors 2024-2034: Technologies, Players, Markets

IDTechEx Report: Dr Jack Howley and Dr Tess Skyrme
13 Feb 2024

New Episode of 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' Podcast: AR/VR

IDTechEx have released a brand new episode of the 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx' podcast, 'AR and VR Headsets - Time for an Extended Reality Check?'. Host Dr Tess Skyrme and industry expert Sam Dale will be discussing the up-and-coming trends in the AR/VR landscape.
13 Feb 2024

AR Optics: Insights from IDTechEx at CES 2024

Apple's Vision Pro has recently grabbed all the headlines in the spatial computing world, following years of hype and rumors of Apple bringing a headset to market. The Vision Pro is thought to be merely the opening salvo of the tech giant's strategy, with see-through augmented reality (AR) devices expected to be the endgame.
6 Feb 2024

NEPCON 2024 — Wearable Expo

NEPCON 2024 took place from January 24th-26th at Tokyo Big Sight, Japan. This event included parallel expos across various technology themes - and in this article the main findings from the Wearable Expo are summarized.
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1 Feb 2024


Sefar are a leading manufacturer of precision monofilament fabrics for screen printing, filtration, separation and smart textiles. The company's products are used in a wide range of industries, from electronics, graphics, medical, automotive, food and life science to aerospace, mining, refining and architecture. IDTechEx spoke with Project Manager and Textile Engineer, Roua Cheffi, about their PresSense fabric.
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31 Jan 2024

CES 2024: Future Mobility Technologies on the Exhibition Floor

CES is one of the biggest exhibitions of technology in the world. The article covers the key themes from the event including AI, connectivity, electric mobility, autonomous technologies, and AR usage in the cabin.
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29 Jan 2024


Accensors develop a wide range of printed and flexible sensors, capable of measuring parameters such as pH, temperature, pressure, ion concentration, level, conductivity, and more. Their main target market is wearable/healthcare applications. Their primary business model is developing bespoke sensors, including those that can determine multiple medically relevant parameters. IDTechEx spoke to CEO and Founder of Accensors, Eike Kottkamp.
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29 Jan 2024

The Age of Artificial Intelligence: AI Chips to 2034

Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world as we know it; from the success of DeepMind over Go world champion Lee Sedol in 2016 to the robust predictive abilities of OpenAI's ChatGPT, the complexity of AI training algorithms is growing at a startlingly fast pace, where the amount of compute necessary to run newly-developed training algorithms appears to be doubling roughly every four months.
25 Jan 2024


LetinAR is a South Korean developer of optical systems for augmented reality glasses. Its PinMRâ„¢ optical combiners are fabricated from plastic, offering cost and durability advantages. They are now finding their way into commercial devices. IDTechEx caught up with LetinAR at CES 2024.
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24 Jan 2024

Event Summary: Augmented Reality at CES 2024

CES is the largest consumer electronics conference globally. Three IDTechEx analysts attended the main event from 8th to 12th January as well as the two media-only days before. This article, focusing on augmented reality hardware and applications, forms part of a series covering the event.
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16 Jan 2024

Brand New Podcast: Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx

IDTechEx have launched a new monthly podcast, 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx', bringing you up to date technology trends. In each episode our host will interview an industry expert from IDTechEx, offering insights into a range of emerging technologies.
15 Jan 2024


WACKER is a technological leader in the chemical industry and manufactures products for all key global industries. It is active in the silicone, polymer, life sciences and polysilicon markets. This update is focused on its dielectric silicone products for energy harvesting and sensing applications.
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9 Jan 2024

The Role of Optics in Making AR Headsets Socially Acceptable

In 2024, augmented reality headsets are now affordable enough that some average consumers received a pair last Christmas, yet they are unlikely to form the top fashion craze for the year. In 2013, Google Glass was the first commercial AR device to enter the public consciousness.
8 Jan 2024

Mofiria Corporation

Mofiria manufactures and distributes finger vein biometric authentication devices that use complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) and organic photodetector near-infrared image sensors.
5 Jan 2024

Mateligent GmbH

Mateligent GmbH produce smart materials composed of dielectric elastomers (DE) and shape memory alloys (SMA), which they use to design actuators, pressure and strain sensors, and haptics. IDTechEx spoke with Andreas Meyer (Co-founder/CTO), Alex York (General Manager), Tim Mannchen (Business Development Manager), and Jens Preetz (CEO). This interview focuses on Mateligent's electroactive polymers (EAPs).
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3 Jan 2024

AI in Smartphones: Premiumization Towards Saturation

IDTechEx's market research report, "AI Chips for Edge Applications 2024-2034: Artificial Intelligence at the Edge", projects that the global AI chips market for edge devices will grow to US$22 billion by 2034, with the consumer electronics industry vertical taking the largest chunk of this revenue figure, at just over 45% by this date.
29 Dec 2023


StretchSense produce hand motion-capture technology enabled by electroactive polymers (EAPs).
18 Dec 2023

OTI Lumionics

OTI Lumionics is Canadian developer of advanced materials and fine chemicals for the electronics industry, using simulations performed using a quantum-inspired computational approach to decrease experimental workloads. Its first product is a material that assists in the manufacture of transparent cathodes for OLED displays.
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1 Dec 2023

Optics for Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR and VR)

Innovation roadmap for optics for augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR).
30 Nov 2023

Spatial Computing Optics Market to Exceed US$5B by 2034

AR and VR (augmented and virtual reality) headsets are well on their way to establishing themselves as the next important category of computing devices. Mixed reality-capable VR headsets like Meta's Quest 3 and the upcoming Apple Vision Pro are demonstrating the true power of spatial computing. VR headsets for home gaming have sold by the million, while AR glasses have carved out a place in the industry.