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21 Apr 2021

Plastic Logic's Colour Display Revolutionises Smart Wearables

Plastic Logic has announced a new flexible 5.4in colour display that is set to revolutionise smart wearable devices.
19 Apr 2021

Immersion Corporation

IDTechEx spoke to John Griffin and Linda Quach, VP Products & Marketing and Director of Marketing respectively at Immersion. They presented their updated corporate deck and we had a wider discussion about the state of the haptics industry and the evolving position of Immersion within it.
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19 Apr 2021

Wearable Sensors That Detect Gas Leaks

Gas accidents such as toxic gas leakage in factories, carbon monoxide leakage of boilers, or toxic gas suffocation during manhole cleaning continue to claim lives and cause injuries. Developing a sensor that can quickly detect toxic gases or biochemicals is still an important issue in public health, environmental monitoring, and military sectors.
16 Apr 2021

Stretching the Boundaries of Medical Tech with Wearable Antennae

Current research on flexible electronics is paving the way for wireless sensors that can be worn on the body and collect a variety of medical data. But where do the data go? Without a similar flexible transmitting device, these sensors would require wired connections to transmit health data.
15 Apr 2021

COROS Partners With Shane Benzie & Running Reborn

COROS Wearables Inc have announced a partnership with performance coach Shane Benzie, and Running Reborn. The partnership aims to develop further research into the scientific field of Vertical Oscillation, as well as to educate on the benefits of training with COROS Running Dynamics by pairing this data with professional movement techniques to ensure that training and recovery are optimised.
14 Apr 2021

Smarty-Pants: Could Intelligent Underwear Improve Your Life?

It is not uncommon to have a favorite bra, or a lucky pair of pants. Now, innovations in E-Textiles and Smart Clothing have taken this phenomenon to the next level. Imagine a pair of pants that can play your party playlist when you get too sad, or a bra that can turn down the thermostat when your indoor workout raises your temperature.
13 Apr 2021

Progress with Smart Hearing Aids

Researchers have succeeded for the first time in measuring brain waves directly via a cochlear implant. These brainwaves indicate in an objective way how good or bad a person's hearing is. The research results are important for the further development of smart hearing aids.
13 Apr 2021

Battery Elimination in Electronics: Market Impact IoT, 6G, Healthcare, Wearables 2021-2041

IDTechEx Report: Dr Peter Harrop and Raghu Das
12 Apr 2021

AI-Powered Backpack Helps Visually Impaired Navigate World

Researchers have designed an AI-powered, voice-activated backpack that can help the visually impaired navigate and perceive the world around them. The backpack helps detect common challenges such as traffic signs, hanging obstacles, crosswalks, moving objects and changing elevations, all while running on a low-power, interactive device.
12 Apr 2021

Oppo Band Launches in the UK

OPPO has announced the launch of the OPPO Band, the smartphone brand's first wearable device designed to enhance and improve the fitness experience. It's the newest addition to OPPO's smart device line and follows the success of the OPPO Watch series last year.
12 Apr 2021

Batteryless RFID, NFC, RTLS

Replacements for active RFID improve range but retain a problem of life being limited by battery life. Energy harvesting is slowly being adopted to reduce the problem but weight, size and cost are issues.
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9 Apr 2021

Batteryless cell phones and wearables

If it becomes possible to affordably harvest energy in the available space as fast as it is consumed, the battery life problems with most wearables will be solved.
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8 Apr 2021

Event Summary: LOPEC 2021

On 22 - 24th of March 2021 IDTechEx attended (virtually) the LOPEC conference, organised by the European Organic Electronics Association (OEA). This premium article reviews a selection of the most interesting and/or commercially relevant talks.
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8 Apr 2021

Source Technology for the Use of Wearable Devices Without Recharging

Despite the continued development and commercialization of various wearable electronic devices, such as smart bands, progress with these devices has been curbed by one major limitation, as they regularly need to be recharged. However, a new technology has become a hot topic, as it shows significant potential to overcome this limitation for wearable electronic devices.
7 Apr 2021


Mekoprint is a Danish contract manufacturer. Here, we focus on its recent activities in printed electronics, specifically the manufacture of 'intelligent diapers' (based on a presentation at LOPEC 2021).
6 Apr 2021

New Silicone Adhesive for Wearable Devices on Fragile Skin

As the number of people with chronic diseases and the size of the aging population continue to grow, medical device design engineers need adhesive solutions that are both gentle and secure to help support device compliance by end users.
5 Apr 2021

Antibacterial Gel Bandage Developed Using Durian Husk

Food scientists have made an antibacterial gel bandage using the discarded husks of the popular tropical fruit, durian.
2 Apr 2021

Smart Clothes Measure your Movements

In recent years there have been exciting breakthroughs in wearable technologies, like smartwatches that can monitor your breathing and blood oxygen levels. But what about a wearable that can detect how you move as you do a physical activity or play a sport, and could potentially even offer feedback on how to improve your technique?
1 Apr 2021

Graphene Foam Doubles Longevity of Running Shoes

Sports footwear firm inov-8 has unveiled the world's first running shoe to use a graphene-enhanced foam in the sole, bucking the widespread trend for carbon-plate technology and doubling the industry standard for longevity.
1 Apr 2021

Microsoft Wins Contract to Supply US Army with Headsets

The United States Army announced that it will work with Microsoft on the production phase of the Integrated Visual Augmentation System program as it moves from rapid prototyping to production and rapid fielding.