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Wearable Technology
19 Apr

New smart material works better under pressure

Liquid-metal mixture bends the rules on flexible and highly conductive materials for wearable devices.
16 Apr

Digital Health 2019: Trends, Opportunities and Outlook

With investment in digital health reaching $8.1 billion in 2018, understanding how this complex field will impact the healthcare industry is paramount. The recently updated report from IDTechEx Research, 'Digital Health 2019: Trends, Opportunities and Outlook', acts as a primer to the digital health space.
15 Apr

Wearable reduces hair loss in chemotherapy

When worn during chemotherapy, the devices cool the scalp which reduces the risk of hair loss and they already have approximately 50 per cent success rate.
12 Apr

That's "sew" smart! Threads to detect gases

Equipment- and training-free textile detectors could be used in public health, workplace safety, military and rescue applications
11 Apr

An Investigation Of Temperature Sensing Textiles For Temperature Monitoring In Performance Sports

Nottingham Trent University, United Kingdom
11 Apr

Using Heart Rate Variability Analysis To Indicate Athlete Injury Risk And Well-Being

Firstbeat Technologies, Finland
11 Apr

Machine Learning Of Sports Movement Data Patterns For Injury Prevention In Cricket

Loughborough University, United Kingdom
11 Apr

The Teiimo - ii Series Smart Shirts Become Your Daily Guardian

Teiimo, Germany
11 Apr

Haptic Wearable For Natural Object Manipulation In Virtual Reality

Valkyrie Industries, United Kingdom
11 Apr

Optronics Innovations Serving The Next Wave Of Mixed Reality Headsets

CEA-LETI, France
11 Apr

Microdisplays For Industrial Near-To-Eye AR Applications And Other Wearables

Fraunhofer FEP, Germany
11 Apr

Smartglasses: Disruption or Distraction?

Optinvent, United States
11 Apr

A Plastic Holographic Waveguide Combiner For Light-Weight And Highly-Transparent Augmented Reality Glasses

Sony, Japan
11 Apr

Soft IoT - The combination Of Thin Energy And Flexible IoT - Applications In Wearables And Healthcare

Zinergy UK Ltd, United Kingdom
11 Apr

Next Generation Wearables

Screentec Oy, Finland
11 Apr

Losing Sleep Over Sleep Monitoring?

Maxim Integrated, United States
11 Apr

PKvitality K'Watch : Bringing Consumer Electronic Experience To The Medical Device World.

PKvitality, France
11 Apr

Printed Electronics For Wearables: Materials, Processes And Applications

NovaCentrix, United States
11 Apr

IDTechEx Sensors Europe 2019 Award Winners

At IDTechEx Show! a company is honoured the Best Innovative Sensor Technology award each year for its development and achievement in the sensor innovation and commercialization area.
11 Apr

IDTechEx Wearable Europe 2019 Award Winners

Each year at the IDTechEx Show!, two companies are honoured for their achievements in developing and commercialising different aspects of wearable technology. This year the awards were judged by Dr Kitty Yeung (Microsoft) & Dr Sandro Francesco Tedde (Siemens Healthineers) with support from the independent analyst team with IDTechEx Research.