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Wearable Technology
22 May 2024

Conductive Inks Market 2024-2034: Technologies, Applications, Players

IDTechEx Report: Dr Conor O'Brien and Dr Jack Howley
17 May 2024

Conductive Inks Market 2024-2034

Forecasts from the IDTechEx Research report "Conductive Inks Market 2024-2034: Technologies, Applications, Players"
Included are:
16 May 2024

Ensurge Micropower ASA

Ensurge Micropower ASA is a Norwegian startup with facilities in San Jose, California. It produces solid-state lithium microbatteries for use in IoT, wearables and healthcare. IDTechEx interviewed CEO Lars Eikland.
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15 May 2024

Unjammable Sat-Navs and the Quantum Sensor Revolution

The modern world depends heavily on GPS satellites to navigate, but too often, access to them is lost or even jammed. This creates a significant risk to safety in multiple industries — especially aerospace, but also automotive and consumer electronics. Following the world's first successful flight demonstration of quantum navigation technology in May 2024 by BAE, QinetiQ, and Infleqtion, this article outlines the power of quantum sensors.
13 May 2024

New Global Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials Market Report

IDTechEx, a trusted provider of independent market intelligence, have released a new market report, "Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials 2024-2034: Markets, Players, Technologies". The report forecasts the electromagnetic metamaterials market to approach US$15 Billion by 2034.
13 May 2024

Introduction to Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI)

This premium article will introduce the brain computer interface industry.
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10 May 2024

Printed Electronics in Electrified and Autonomous Mobility

Electrification, autonomy, and vehicle ownership saturation are causing a technological revolution in the automotive sector. These automotive meta-trends are driving drastic changes in electronic component requirements and present a high-volume opportunity for printed electronics to capitalize on.
2 May 2024

Datwyler (Dry Electrodes)

Datwyler is a well-established manufacturer of critical elastomer components, developing solutions for both established and emerging markets. This includes a range of dry electrodes suited to the wearable technology market. IDTechEx interviewed the company to learn more about this product range and its applications in brain-computer interfacing (BCI).
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30 Apr 2024

Smart Mouthguards and Anti-Aging Lights - IDTechEx Explores Wearables

Wearable technology could increase safety in sport and decrease stress with red-light therapy. Wearables is a market covering a wide range of applications, from health and wellness, smart mouthguards, to virtual reality headsets, and offers many benefits to different technology sectors.
29 Apr 2024

Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials 2024-2034

Forecasts from the IDTechEx Research report "Optical & Radio Frequency Metamaterials 2024-2034: Markets, Players, Technologies"
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29 Apr 2024

IDUN Technologies

IDUN Technologies has developed an in-ear EEG platform with applications. IDTechEx interviewed CEO Simon Bachmann.
23 Apr 2024


NeuroFusion is an open-source product and research company building tools and models to understand brain activity and human behaviors. IDTechEx interviewed founder Ore Ogundipe.
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22 Apr 2024

Streamlined Glasses & Smart Headsets - Augmented & Virtual Reality

Augmented and virtual reality are being developed in new ways to enhance reality, from streamlined smart glasses to headsets with farfetched fantasy experiences. Extended reality (XR) headsets are proving useful not only for leisure purposes but also for industry use, training, and even rehabilitation. In IDTechEx's podcast, 'Tomorrow's Tech by IDTechEx', Senior Technology Analyst Sam Dale discusses the variety of benefits of VR and AR.
19 Apr 2024

Opportunities for Flexible Batteries in Non-Disposable Wearables

Examining opportunities for flexible batteries in non-disposable wearables, including discussion of the smart textiles, healthcare, smart headwear and eyewear, wrist-worn and high-luxury sectors.
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11 Apr 2024

The Role of Printed Sensors in Mass-Digitization

Integrated sensors digitizing physical interactions are vital in everyday life. From personalized user experiences to warehouse inventory management, data-driven insights are driving demand for smarter sensors — and lots of them.
10 Apr 2024

Will QRNG Disrupt the Connected Devices Market?

The ability to generate random numbers is essential to encrypting data. However, any classical method of producing randomness will fundamentally be deterministic - and theoretically predictable. This creates an opportunity for non-deterministic, high entropy quantum random number generators (QRNGs). In this article, IDTechEx explores the opportunities and challenges for QRNG in the growing connected devices and quantum communications markets.
5 Apr 2024

Zinergy UK Ltd

Printed battery company based in Cambridge, UK, producing ultra-thin batteries using zinc-manganese dioxide chemistry.
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5 Apr 2024

Overview of Consumer Health Wearables

This premium article provides an overview of consumer health wearables.
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5 Apr 2024


Pixelligent is a Baltimore-based manufacturer of tunable high refractive index nanocrystal formulations. It produces its own nanocrystals via a proprietary process. Applications of its formulations include nanoimprint resins for diffractive optical elements in AR waveguides and brightness enhancement for OLED displays.
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3 Apr 2024

Ceres Holographics

Ceres Holographics is a Scottish firm specializing in the design and production of holographic optical elements. Its digital mastering and roll-to-roll production process is especially well-suited to large-area applications like automotive head-up displays.
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