Wearable Technology

Wearable Technology
25 Nov 2022

Beyond the Smartwatch: Three Wearable Technology Trends to Watch

As the smartwatch market matures, the capabilities of alternative wearables continue to expand. In the coming years, alternative form factors could begin tempting consumers away. Not only could these devices provide more value - they also have the potential to access new biometrics.
25 Nov 2022


Myontec, headquartered in Finland, is developing wearable EMG technology.
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23 Nov 2022

Forming E-textiles Through Conductive Fibers

This premium article gives an introduction to conductive fibers in e-textiles and explores methods of forming textiles from conductive fabrics, case studies, and more.
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22 Nov 2022


COOLTEC is a Polish health tech company targeting treatment for male infertility, founded in 2016 with headquarters in Wroclaw. IDTechEx spoke with COOLTEC COO Michal Wronecki at MEDICA 2022.
18 Nov 2022


Archelis is a Japanese healthtech company, producing exoskeletons to reduce the physical burden caused by long hours of standing. IDTechEx spoke with Archelis at Medica 2022.
17 Nov 2022

Event Summary: DELO AR/VR Hardware and Materials 2022

DELO, a German manufacturer of industrial adhesives (including for optical applications), hosted an online conference regarding augmented/virtual reality (AR/VR) hardware and materials on November 9th 2022. IDTechEx gave the first talk at the event. This premium article explores the key themes and speakers from the event.
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17 Nov 2022

Finding Innovation Gaps in AR Optics

This presentation was given by IDTechEx Technology Analyst Sam Dale at the DELO AR/VR Hardware conference held in November 2022.
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17 Nov 2022

Conductive Ink Market 2023-2033

IDTechEx Report: Dr Matthew Dyson
16 Nov 2022

Cambridge Mechatronics

Cambridge Mechatronics Ltd. (CML) develops technology and IP around shape memory alloy actuators. Their primary use is optical image stabilization for mobile phones, but applications range more widely from AR/VR headset components to haptic feedback.
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16 Nov 2022

IDTechEx Investigates Building the House of the Future

A floor that can feel when you fall, a warmth that wanders from room to room with you; could the house of the future take care of you?
16 Nov 2022

Webinar With Q&A - Printed/Flexible Electronics: What to Watch in 2023

Tuesday 29 November 2022 - This webinar includes case studies showing successful commercialization examples from 2022 across multiple market sectors; Discussion of anticipated announcements in 2023; Brief assessment of the status and potential of printed/flexible electronics; and Identification and assessment of technological gaps likely to be an R&D focus in 2023
11 Nov 2022

Three Predictions for 2023 in Augmented and Virtual Reality

2022 was a turbulent year for Extended Reality (XR). The popularization of the metaverse concept raised massive interest in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) devices as the gateway to this future vision of the internet, with excitement gathering over an expected revolution in how we communicate.
10 Nov 2022

IDTechEx Forecasts US$27Bn in 2033 for Electronic Skin Patches Market

As the world adopts more wearable technology into our daily lives, the next generation of electronic wearables are ascending: the electronic skin patch. In diabetes and heart monitoring, electronic skin patches have already transformed the industry. These devices may well enable a revolution for the rest of healthcare and beyond.
9 Nov 2022

Forming E-textiles Through Conductive Inks

This premium article will explore the production of e-textiles with conductive inks, including competing methods of producing e-textiles, how conductive inks can be used to produce e-textiles, and competing types of conductive ink for e-textiles.
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8 Nov 2022

Conductive Inks for Printed Heaters

This premium article explores conductive inks for printed heaters, including printed heater applications, technology comparisons, a SWOT analysis, and more.
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7 Nov 2022

How Are Applications of Virtual Reality (VR) Evolving?

This premium article looks at current applications of virtual reality (VR) devices and how this looks to change in 2023. It will also explore examples from key market players.
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3 Nov 2022

IDTechEx Release New Report - Electronic Skin Patches 2023-2033

The most comprehensive assessment on the commercialization of flexible, wearable electronic skin patches spanning 13 applications including historic data, 10-year market forecast, interview-based player profiles, and technology analysis.
3 Nov 2022

How Gas Sensors Reduce Health Impacts of the Energy Crisis

Could gas sensors facilitate the safe use of wood-burning stoves to combat the energy crisis? With the cost of energy rising dramatically, interest in wood-burning stoves is growing as they become 'more financially appealing than ever'.
2 Nov 2022

Trends in Point of Care Diagnostics and Continuous Monitoring

IDTechEx Reflects on Trends in 2022. For the past decade, the healthcare industry has looked towards decentralization as a means of relieving the pressure placed on healthcare systems.
31 Oct 2022


XSensio are developing a wearable device to measure biomarkers in interstitial fluid for medical diagnostic applications.
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