Green Construction: Growing Demand for Electric Construction Machines

The construction industry is recognising the part they must play in tackling climate change. Major construction firms around the world have already made pledges to substantially decrease their carbon footprints, by reducing the emissions from the machinery they operate and from the energy they consume. Acknowledgment that the days of operating large diesel engine powered construction vehicles are numbered, is manifesting as growing demand for low or zero-emission non-road mobile machines, which in turn is driving innovation by OEMs and suppliers who are exploring alternative greener powertrain technologies.
As in other vehicle sectors drivetrain electrification is leading development efforts, and though at a much earlier stage than on-road vehicle markets, a growing number of electric commercial construction machines are becoming available. Alongside exhaust CO2 emission reductions, electrification offers several co-benefits which include local air quality improvement and reduced noise, that could transform the worksite environment, and which are likely to be as important to uptake as climate considerations.
In this webinar IDTechEx Technology Analyst Dr David Wyatt, will present research from IDTechEx's new "Electric Vehicles in Construction 2022-2042" report, and will discuss:
  • The current state of electric construction machine development
  • Case study detail across different machine types, from Europe, the US and China
  • Drivers and barriers to electric construction equipment deployment
  • Battery sizing and charging strategies for electric construction machines
  • Hydrogen powered construction machines
  • IDTechEx's outlook for electric construction machines.